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I would like to start sharing interesting things in Taiwan for people around the globe. If this is the first time that you ever heard about this country, it is the right place for you. I don’t represent the government or any organization, so I say or write anything straightforward.
Despite the different colonization here, Taiwan has long been a place full of treasures and wonders. I would like to show you guys the real life here from the perspective of a civilian. If my articles could raise your attentions to get to know this island, I appreciate.

To begin with

One day trip in Hsinchu

The Li Chi lake outside the glass art museum, attracting many tourists to visit here while appreciating the glass art inside the building. Here, people could take a walk with the fountains to cool the temperature down. It only takes few minutes walk from the train station, and the zoo is around this area. The…

Tea culture

It is said that the weather and the altitude of mountain are important factors that affect tea production. Most of Taiwanese teas are half fermented in high mountain areas without or with little fire baking. It is recommended to brew the tea leaves with spring water rather than distilled or tap water. Otherwise, the quality…

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    I want to do this job


  3. Manpreet Kaur says:

    I want to do this job
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    i visited taiwan long back and its beautiful.

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