The Mask Culture

The pandemic: Should we call it Covid-19, Wuhan virus or Chinese Coronavirus ?

People in Taiwan tend to wear masks when the air pollution is getting worse or whatever the reason may be. Not only the sick person but also scooter drivers would wear masks. The recent outbreak of virus has made people all around the globe sick and dead. Now almost every country is nervous and politicians are planning new policy for their citizens. There are many cases in the West that Chinese are attacked by locals and even other Asians are suffering especially Taiwanese. Even so, the Chinese still want to stay at other countries due to the non-democracy in China. Countries that closely tie with China are paying their prices now, including Italy, Iran, South Korea,etc.

Taiwan has been isolated by the world for long time because China was trying very hard to knock us down. Even the situation is getting worse and worse there, they still do not give up framing us such as evacuation of Taiwan nationals in China. We suffered a lot during the SARS period, and that experience made us brilliant in medical treatment this time. We believe that people who wear masks could prevent spreading virus to others. That is why many people wait in lines for buying masks when the news were broadcast. Our government tried hard to cooperate with factories for producing masks and made laws that restrict the amount of masks for each person. At first time, many countries did not trust us and thought we were too sensitive. Now masks are shortage all over the world.

However, Chinese government tried to change their images by making zero cases or made WHO officially announced the virus should be Covid-19 not Wuhan virus. The following link was the Chinese Youtuber accused of discrimination about calling virus Wuhan virus.

The Chinese Youtuber was aggressive toward Taiwanese Youtuber Mr. Chung over the Wuhan virus.

Now people are wondering whether we should rename the whole infection because there were Japanese, German, Hong Kong and other nations within the names.

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