Low-key brands

People who have interests in electronic appliances may have heard about Acer, Asus, MIS or HTC. Even in Western countries, I could see some people use Acer or Asus laptops in some areas. However, not many people know these brands are actually from Taiwan. HTC is a large telephone and computer manufacturing company and had once dominated the market in Taiwan due to its local prestige. Some people purchased the brand to show their willingness to support the national brand. Like many other global companies that set branches in China, the chairman in HTC thought alike. In order to broaden the market in Hong Kong and China, the chairperson and co-founder of HTC, Cher Wang had once announced that the HTC was Chinese brand, causing a lot of sensations even later she corrected verbally the brand is actually Taiwanese. Since then, HTC was not so popular among young people even though there may be other reasons for its decline in popularity. This kind of incident happened a lot in our history, not to mention some strategic postures that Chinese made, letting people think well-functioned brands all belong to China.

Another brand here is Tatung, established in 1918 and headquartered in Taipei. Lots of students use Tatung cooker while they are studying abroad. Although Tatung provides other kinds of appliances such as fans or microwave ovens, the most famous item is still cooker. Recently, it has become one of the popular souvenirs for Japanese tourists.

From my point of view, Chimei is the most nationwide brand with not only electronic devices but also museums, foundations and hospitals for people. If you visit the Chimei museum in Tainan, you may wonder whether you are in the West or East with such breathtaking collections and paintings that you will not regret to visit.

The Taiwan Excellence Awards.

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