The food culture


The definition of Taiwanese food is vague for most of people because of our ethnic diversity and national identity. People could have many choices at the breakfast restaurant, and lots of places offer breakfasts. We could eat at mom-and-pop stores, cafe or fast food restaurants. Most of mom-and-pop stores sell western style foods such as hamburgers, fries, or sandwiches except the flavors are not authentic ones. Traditional Taiwanese breakfast is congee with one piece of sweet potato on the top and side dishes. Some people would choose soy drink or peanut rice milk with one dried stick.

We are vegetarian friendly country and some restaurants only sell vegetable foods. You could try noodles, rice, tofu, or even desserts. Vegetarian foods here may look like other foods, but taste differently. People could have variety of choices when it comes to vegetarian foods, whether they are western or local styles. Of course there are some ethnic foods that you could try here, such as Hakka, Chinese, or Aboriginal groups. All ethnic groups have their own cultures and traits.

The most famous place for foods is night market. People could eat and buy anything you want there. Another common food culture is hand-shaken drink. There are plenty of teas with lots of jelly or fruits that people could choose. Even in abroad, people could try bubble milk tea now. Normally the flavor in Southern Taiwan is much sweeter. During the summer time, the mango ice is the most popular dessert on the table. There are four different mangoes here, and the most famous one is Irwin. Irwin mangoes taste much sweeter than any other kind, and are sold successfully not only in domestic but also overseas market.

Don’t forget to try our fruits when you have chances to be here. You won’t regret it.

Mango ice with ice cream on the top.

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