Traditional operas & puppet shows

Back to the 1900’s, people here watched operas or puppet shows after finishing their meals. These were entertainments for people whether they are young or old, men or women. Most of the operas are sang by Taiwanese( Hō-ló) language mixed with ancient poems and slang. Each character has its own costume and make-up to go with. Every one of the opera groups applies cosmetics heavily with dark eye shadows in order to let audiences see far from the stage. The stories were often encouraged people to be loyal to their families or country. Some of the manuscripts were taught from previous leader by word of mouth. Sometimes the opera group will perform in front of temples to show respect to Gods and attract more people to come.

One of the famous puppet characters is Sòo Huân-tsin

The puppet show was another form of storytelling and entertainment in Taiwan just like the opera. The story background was generally martial art with hero to fight the justice. Recently the shows have been translated into Japanese and English to sell to other countries with audio records. When the first time the puppet show was on the television, it was so popular that almost every family watched on time without working hard. Many young people by that time even cosplayed the character. The puppet show is also performed at temples to appreciate helps and cares from Gods. Some people here will arrange birthday ceremonies for Gods by inviting puppet shows or opera groups. The most attracting part of puppet show is the vocabulary that narrator uses and the way he speaks is very elegant with beautified Taiwanese language.

If you are interested in Taiwanese language, these above entertainments are good start to join. And I hope people will like either of them.

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