Universities in Taiwan

Unlike many schools in the U.S, public schools are popular here with more resources and cheaper tuition. Some of the younger students are obsessed with university ranking due to stereotypes. Not like some of universities in America, college students do not use laptops a lot for lectures. Almost every student will buy textbooks for different courses, and traditionally students go to printing shops for copying some of the notes taken from the class. I was shocked that students can rent the textbook when I was in the States, because we only borrow books from libraries. The biggest campus in Taiwan is National Pingtung University of Science and Technology(NPUST) with alumni from Malaysia and Indonesia. The NPUST is famous for its college of Agriculture and greenest views on the campus.

The Jingsi lake in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

If you like to visit the Taroko Gorge and enjoy the nature, the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) is recommended. The NDHU is located in east coast of Taiwan, where the population of Aboriginal people is aggregated. It is a good place for people who is fascinated by traditional cultures and languages of Aboriginal groups.

National Dong Hwa University

The Tunghai University is the private school that is famous for Luce Chapel built by the cooperation of Taiwanese and Chinese American architects, which attracts thousands of people to visit the campus for wedding photos and other activities. Except for the prestige, the Tunghai University is selling its dairy products on the campus unlike many other schools here.

The Luce Chapel of Tunghai University

The last but not the least one is National Taiwan University of Sport, it is the school for students who want to join the national team some day in the future. Students come here to learn the skill and get training. It is the best option for people who want to develop their career in sport. We have national baseball teams and have recently played the game even in the pandemic period.

National Taiwan University of Sport
Baseball teams in Taiwan

There are plenty of schools worth visiting, and each school has its own vales and morals to follow. Normally, students do not have T-shirt printed the school name on it nor can they buy school products on campus. But some of the department would make their own symbols. The most prestigious and top ranking school is National Taiwan University(NTU). Without a doubt, the NTU attracts many elites not only in Taiwan but also other countries. So, if you want to stay here for a while as a student, just check the international students page on the website of your dream school. Hope you will enjoy the life here.

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