Taiwanese Movies

The World Between Us was published in 2019, and it was based on the story of random killing in 2010. The whole movie is all about perpetrators, victims, neurotics, defense attorneys and their families; how they felt and how they reacted to the whole society. The languages of this movie are Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese.

The World Between Us
The World Between Us

Seediq Bale is one of the popular movies based on the true story during Japanese times. There are two series of this film, Seediq Bale and the Warriors of the Rainbow. It is the story of fighting against colonization and how the aboriginal group, Seediq Bale, sacrificed themselves as heroes so they could return to their ancestral spirits rather than living as dead. There are Japanese, Kari Seediq, and Taiwanese languages in this movie.

The Seediq Bale

The Cape No.7 is another famous film of love story. The seven love letters written by a Japanese guy who was about to leave Taiwan without bringing his Taiwanese lover back home after World War II. Both of them were married and have their own families, so these letters kept safely until the Japanese man died. However, the daughter of this man found these letters and sent them to Taiwan with old address, the Cape No.7. The postman in Taiwan and the Japanese woman who was here for the concert met by accident and fell in love. The Japanese woman saw these letters and urged the postman to deliver them. Finally, these seven love letters were delivered to the real woman after 60 years.

The Cape No.7
The Cape No.7

Please enjoy these movies and watch more on Netflix if you are interested in Taiwanese movies.

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