Music bands


Like many other countries, young people here like to from a band and sing their songs. The Fire EX, which became famous during Sunflower Student Movement in 2014, wrote many Taiwanese songs to inspire people and showed up in many events. The Sunflower Student Movement was one of the main protests in Taiwan by many college students. By that time, the ruling KMT ( pro Chinese) party was trying to pass the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement without clause-by-clause review. The Fire EX was invited and sang the song Island’s Sunrise, to encourage those students at the same time. At the end, the students successfully stopped the trade deal and lessened the Chinese impact on this island.

The original song of Island’s Sunrise
The English version of Island’s Sunrise

T.S.D Hip Hop is the band that mixed the street dance with temple culture. The Jia-Jiang is a form of gods and was deemed protection from evil spirits at the pilgrim. Now it is a kind of folkloric performance. The members of this band are all grouped by professional dancers and try to create T-Pop in order to maintain our traditional cultures. They were once cooperated with the Clean Bandit from U.K.

The combination of West and Taiwan

MayDay is one of the leading bands in Taiwan, which attracts thousands of younger fans each time when they have the concert. Sometimes they will even go abroad to perform their music for overseas Taiwanese or Chinese.

Hope you guys will like our songs in the near future.

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