One day trip in downtown Taichung


June 7th, 2020 is the first day that our CDC lifted banns for us and people who live in Taiwan can go outside for fun without wearing face masks, except for the densely populated activities. I would like to celebrate a little bit and tell everyone the fun places to visit in downtown Taichung, where typhoons usually fail to struck us with mild days in most of years.

Taichung Park

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The Taichung park is the symbol of Taichung where citizens come here for recreations and gatherings nowadays. The history of this park could be dated back to 1900, and revamped several times since 1945. It is recognized as one of the historic monuments in Taiwan. The train station, Chungyo department store, and Yizhong St ( food market ) are all closed to this area. You won’t get bored.

Taichung Prefectural Hall

Heritage building in Taichung

The Taichung Prefectural Hall was built during Japanese era, and it was the center of Taichung city by that time. Although the present Taichung government moved to another place for their office buildings, they still can exert their influences over these places. After so many years, these buildings are still outstanding there with unique styles and their strong architecture techniques. It is a recommended place for your selfie.

Park Lane by CMP

The shopping mall. Photo credit: Taichung Tourism
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Park Lane by CMP is an open playground for families to enjoy sunshine days and a place to shop and eat. It is also commonly known as Calligraphy Greenway by local people. Inside the shopping mall, there is a famous bookstore Eslite where you can read your novels while having tea time there. There is a section for English readers so some of the foreigners don’t have to worry about language barriers, and the music section for people who like to listen different kinds of songs. If you are tired of classic shopping mall, there are plenty of street vendors that you could buy things from them. Also, some of buskers with licenses will be there to sing for everyone and entertain people.

Taichung origin dessert: Sun cakes

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Sun cake tastes dry and sweet but goes well with tea. It is said that the shape of cake looks like Sun, so the owner named after it. But there are still many versions of Sun cakes nowadays, and there are other kinds of desserts such as lemon cakes, wife cakes with popularity in some bread stores.

I-Mei Food Provider

I-Mei Food Provider. Photo credit: Youtube

I-Mei is one of food providers in Taiwan, attracting local people to buy snacks and ice creams in hot summer days. They also provide drinks, frozen cooked foods, and gifts for those who want to give your family or friends a surprise. The company has its own laboratory to check their procedures to ensure their food quality is the best.

Chun Shui Tang. Bubble Tea /Tapioka Milk Tea Origin

The first restaurant they opened. Photo credit: Chun Shui Tang.
The famous and original taste of bubble milk tea.

The Chun Shui Tang is the restaurant where lots of people are here for foods and drinks. It is said that the bubble tea was first made by the Taichung people and then spread to other cities. Now, Chun Shui Tang even open their branches overseas and Japan is included.

If you have less interests in foods and drinks, we have science museum and art museum here in Taichung for people who like to expand their knowledge. In the meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about getting tired because there are always green areas surround museums to make people relax. Please feel free to leave comments if you would like to know more about Taichung.

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