Life style in Taiwan

For those who have never been here, it’s probably hard to imagine how we live in our daily life. Twenty three millions of people live in this island with public transportations in almost every city and two international airports for travelers and citizens.

Delicious foods are available 24 hours

Taiwanese enjoy foods a lot, and exotic restaurants are everywhere for people to try. Except convenience stores such as 7-11 or Family Mart, the night markets are very common in each city. Our 7-11 is very different than the America’s, we provide not only hot dogs but also lunch boxes. People can even pay their bills in convenience stores and receive their packages from online shoppings. You don’t have to worry about your daily life if you are new here.
We are experts when it comes to food, you could find Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, American, Italian, etc. If you don’t tell others, people may think we are in other countries. If you are sugar fan, you are in the right country. Many hand made beverage shops offer diversified drinks for customers, and you can change the flavor into your style just like cocktails. Besides, people who is fond of wine can try Taiwan beer ( Kavalan whisky ( The classic Taiwan beer is recommended, though other kinds with sweet fruits are worth trying.

Japanese style
Different styles of bento boxes

Affordable health care

As everybody knows, it is very expensive to see the doctor in the States, and it will cost you a fortune if you need to do the surgery. Here, clinics and hospitals are easy to find in different cities. We get used to seeing the doctor when we feel a little upset whether it’s flu or allergy problem. But the Chinese acupuncture is not that popular, even some people still believe its medical healing. Lots of overseas Taiwanese or Chinese will come back to Taiwan just for the medical health. At first time, the health care system is developed to service our citizens well with convenience. Now the financial balance is deficit.

The politics

Though we have freedom of speech, it is dangerous to discuss politics in public. The television broadcasts news each hour and lots of reporters are ready for their articles. Political commentary programs are competing with each other, and the commentators debate their position furiously. In schools, teachers do not focus on debate that much, but on the political commentary program, it will be a huge chance for people to defense themselves. I won’t say it is always pro-Chinese people that have inclination to attack others. It is sensitive when it comes to political color. On the top of that, CCP Chinese are everywhere in Taiwan now or on their way to Taiwan. Our identity is the big issue in our politics, and it is hazardous to express political status when you are being with Chinese due to hostile posturing from their agents.

Payment options

In Taiwan, you could pay by cash, credit card, debit card and MRT card. Most of food stands are still accepting cash without plastic cards. Except online shopping, cash is the most popular way to deal with anything.

The outlet
The fountain in outlet

Social media

Young people like to use Facebook, even the eavesdropping function is heard by news. Instagram is the recent thing that people like to register. Line is developed by Korean and is widely used by Taiwanese because of its private talking function and free live chat with friends.

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