Dragon Boat Festival

Many Taiwanese in this day would celebrate the festival by eating rice dumplings or joining the events. Back to the decades ago, people called it ” The May Festival” or ” Rice dumpling Day” in Taiwanese language. After this day, the weather is getting hotter and more humid than usual; so it is the symbol of the summer. This year, we have 4 days consecutive vocations to take off even during the Covid-19 crisis. It is considered as one of the big holidays in our traditions.

How we celebrate

Dragon boat races. Photo credit: Liberty times.

Traditionally, people who come from different backgrounds would join the dragon boat races as a team, so they could have a chance to win the prize. After the ritual for opening dragon’s eye, people can start to row the boat. Tainan is the only southern city this year to celebrate the dragon boat festival due to the Covid-19. The mayor, councilors, and lots of tourists are all here to witness our joyousness.

Tainan News.

What we eat

Rice dumplings. Photo credit

The rice dumplings are made by sticky rice and water steam them with leaves. The variety of rice dumplings is a lot, the toppings and the flavor are slightly different depend on the regions. Some people like to eat with spicy sauce, while others prefer eating with peanut powder. The leaves are inedible and need to be recycled after meals.

These are the common ways that people celebrate the festival. The holiday is the time that unites family and shares our happiness with each other, and that matters the most.

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