One day trip in Hsinchu

The Li Chi lake outside the glass art museum, attracting many tourists to visit here while appreciating the glass art inside the building. Here, people could take a walk with the fountains to cool the temperature down. It only takes few minutes walk from the train station, and the zoo is around this area.

The Li Chi lake

The Cheng Huang Temple located at the downtown area with lots of food stands surround here to provide local people snacks and a place to show their respect to gods for anything they wish for. It is one kind of Taoism that people believe and practice for hundreds of years.

The Cheng Huang temple. Photo credit: wikipedia

The Hakka cultural heritage is preserved for people to gather together with traditional houses, whether you want to buy the veggies, drinks, or Hakka foods, you can all stay here for fun. There is a small restaurant and market for those who want to try fresh meals.

New Tile House Hakka Cultural District

There are displays of composer inside the house, Then Yí-hièn, who wrote many Taiwanese
(hó-lo)songs though he had Hakka background. These songs are deemed as classic musics in Taiwan and Then is the father of folk songs.

Taiwanese folk songs
Goa̍t-iā Chhiû

Goa̍t-iā Chhiû is the song that originated from the Plains indigenous people. During the Japanese period, the composer rewrote the lyrics and became famous for it. People who love the music can try to play these songs, so you can enjoy the melody.

Bāng Chhun-hong

Bāng Chhun-hong is one of the folk songs that is still playing nowadays to represent the old days. The lyrics is about a young woman who is still unmarried but met a guy. She is shy to ask the man out so she keeps waiting. While she hearing the noise through the window, she thought it was the man she fell in love with, so she opened the door and realized it was just the wind. Even the cupid laughed at her for her foolish behavior.

Shui Zhen forest park

Shui Zhen forest park is the place where people can enjoy the greenery with ducks to release their pressure in the city. Even the weather is hot during summer time, you will not sweat that much or feel humid here.

It is the paradise for ducks to live here.
The ducks swim along the lake.

It is said that the rice noodle and meat ball soup are delicious in Hsinchu, so if you are here, don’t forget to try these foods.

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