Public transportation


When people arrive at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, they start to wonder how to enjoy their trip here. Taoyuan is different city from Taipei, and there are many bus systems at the airport that people could ride on for transferring to other places. Recently, the MRT system extended their service to the airport, so tourists can take it as well. If you arrive any city in Taiwan, there are following transportation you could choose to have fun here.


Taipei MRT system and Kaohsiung subway provide services for people everyday. It’s cheap and convenient for people who want to visit or work in these cities. The MRT here is not as crowded as Japan’s during rush hours. You could take MRT to suburban Taipei with reasonable price and time.

Taipei MRT system
Kaohsiung Subway Route

Train system

From Taipei to Southern Taiwan and even to the East coast, there are trains that people could take for their trips. If you want to enjoy the views here, train is the best transportation that you should try. Some people like to enjoy their bento purchased from the train while they are on their journey. You could travel around Taiwan by train and get off any station you like to continue your trip. Though it may take time to reach your destination, many train stations are closed to the downtown area with many restaurants and shops where people could take break and gather together.

Taiwan Train Route. Photo credit: Wikipedia

High speed Rail

The most efficient way to travel in Taiwan if you do not have budget concern. In Taipei, the train station, MRT system and High Speed Rail are all connected at the main station. So it’s easier to get around. In other cities, people need to transfer to downtown from High Speed Rail station. So, shuttles and taxis are closed to the Rail stations too. And please note that the High Speed Rail only services along the Western coast.

Photo credit: Happychad

The bus system here is different depends on the city you want to visit. If you want to travel by a group, you could rent a car or with a tour agent to guide you.

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