Soybean foods that people are not aware of


The soy products are widely consumed in our daily life and they are not merely meals, some of the desserts are popular here. Some people can not tolerate the milk, so they choose soya milk as their supplements. One of the most common soy foods is tofu, which is also manufactured in other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and so on. In Japan, tofu is made by different companies with various kinds of materials and the most famous one is Kyoto. We may not have lots of tofu makers, but we eat soybean foods in various forms. Tofu skins and dried bean curds are popular soy foods in Taiwan too, though some people may consume these as snacks, they are easily purchased with cheaper prices.

Soybean milk

Photo credit: cookpot

Some people drink soya milk with/without sugar, while others prefer salty flavors with onions and meats inside. The hot pot restaurants also offer the soya milk as the base soup, so customers can cook their foods with it.

Soybean pudding

Photo credit: Travel Tainan

Traditionally there are red bean, tapioca, and peanut flavors. But nowadays, there are various toppings for people to choose.

Soybean skins

Photo credit: Yahoo Taiwan

One of the cuisines in Taiwan where food stands and restaurants cook, stew or fry with sauces.

Dried bean curds

Photo credit: Ruten Taiwan

Some of the dried curds could eat without cooking from the pocket, it is a kind of refreshment here.

Photo credit: Sunparis

Stewing the bean curds with sauces is one of the cooking ways in Taiwan.

Fried/ Stinky tofu

Photo credit: Liberty Times

The most popular tofu food that comes with pickles aside to balance the flavor in mouth.

I know some people are questioning soybean foods, whether they are good or not to our health. To me, they taste delicious just like other foods. Sometimes it’s hard to tell its flavor due to the cooking techniques. If you are avoiding soy products, try our foods, you may change your mind.

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