Fruits kingdom


Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone with four seasons to grow different kinds of fruits. Some specific fruits are only planted here due to the weather condition. People would even make cuisines, desserts or drinks with fruits in order to add natural flavor. Fruits are essential to us especially dining at the high class restaurant. Some of our fruits are even sold out to other countries, bringing fortune to some farmers so they could survive under harsh economic conditions.


Summer is the season that mangoes are produced abundantly, so the mango shaved ice is another choice for dessert lovers. Mangoes are popular in India and Thai , but the Irwin is the species that Taiwanese changed. There are dried mangoes that people could purchase if it is more convenient for tourists to have.

Irwin Mango, the most popular kind among others. Photo credit: Goodlife
The Mango shaved ice with condensed milk and ice cream topping.


Papaya is the fruit that we can buy at all seasons, you could just eat it or drink it with milk. It’s more difficult to find this fruit in the frigid zone, so if you are here, don’t forget to try it. But remember to finish the drink quickly, otherwise, it will become bitter.

The Papaya milk. Photo credit: Gomaji


In Taiwanese culture, pineapple means prosperous for the near future by the pronunciation of ông-lâi. Many people will provide pineapples for the gods when they pray at the temple, hoping to bring good luck to their family or the business.

Photo credit: 17life
The pineapple cakes, which attract many tourists to buy, including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Photo credit: Gefa

Wax apple/Bell fruit

The Dutchman brought the wax apples to Taiwan from Indonesia in 17th century. Now, they are one kind of common fruits here with its distinct flavor that could quench thirst.

Wax apple. Photo credit: Taiwanfarm

Sugar apple

The flesh of sugar apple is white color, and it tastes silky and sweet with Vitamin C, Protein and other healthy things. For elders who do not have diabetes symptom, this is the best fruit for them to have nutrition.

Sugar apple. Photo credit: Taiwan farm


Oranges have been consumed by Taiwanese for almost 250 years, though they were originated from China, the oranges now we eat are different. In night market, the fresh orange juice is available with cheap price.

Orange. Photo credit: Baime
Orange juice. Photo credit: Houbou


People are always confusing the difference between tangerines and oranges. They all belong to citrus group, but the tastes are quite different. Tangerines could be consumed by peeling the skin with hands, and some traditional people believe the home medicine made by tangerines could heal the cough. In my experience, the tangerines could exacerbate your coughs if you eat too many. But anyway, they are worth trying.

Tangerines. Photo credit: crazy-tutorial


Longans are widely used by the traditional medicine, cuisines, sugar and dried fruits.

Longan. Photo credit: Udn


The peaches are produced in some areas of Taiwan. The mountains and the plains are the key factors that contribute to the sweetness of peaches. Some peaches taste really sweet with juicy flavor inside, while other kinds taste crispy.

Peach. Photo credit: Superbuy

There are lots of fruit shops that sell seasonal fruits for people to try, though the prices for these fruits are not that cheap sometimes. If it is not convenient to buy these fruits for you, the dried fruits are recommended. You can try with tea, eat directly as snacks, or make desserts with them.

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