Cold Springs for summer time

When it comes to hot spring, the most famous place that comes across our minds in Taiwan is located in Beitou, Taipei. The natural minerals contribute to the hot spring resort for tourists and local residents. Taking the hot spring during summer time is a little bit sweaty, therefore, some people decide to visit cold spring recreations to enjoy the mountain views and local foods.

Beipu cold spring

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Beipu cold spring is situated in Hsinchu area with natural views to cool the temperatures and help people release the pressure from work. After enjoying the cold spring, the Beipu old street is recommended for its Hakka food and local snacks.

Suao cold spring

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Long ago, there was a Japanese soldier who passed by here and drank the cold water, surprisingly found that the water quality is superior and sweet. The cold spring here contains carbon dioxide which was used to produce natural soda water, the carbonate ion, and sodium calcium with the highest amount in Taiwan. Now the Suao recreational park is the place where people visit during the summer season.

Ta Kang Shan cold spring

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The precious natural spring in Tianliao area of Kauhsiung county, where most of the people come here to enjoy the cold spring in summer and hot spring in winter. The neighborhood is Tianliao Moon World recreational park, where we see the volcanic landscapes and walk along the trail after sunset. There are temple and Chishan old street around this area for tourists to eat and pray for good fortune to come. It is said that honeys, mutton, and spicy bean sauces are the three precious things in Kang Shan district.

Ivalino cold spring

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Ivalino cold spring is located in the Orchid island, it is the place that tourists need to commute by local airplanes or boats between Taitung. Here, people could visit the aboriginal village and enjoy the cold water. Another cold spring is near the Iranmeylex ( Dong-ching) tribe in the Orchid island, where few travelers have known this place. The Orchid island is surrounded by the ocean, and it is the best place to get a suntan and bathe in the cold water.

There are many hotels come with cold spring facilities, if you want to enjoy the water, food and time; the hotel may be the best option for travelers with whole package. For backpackers, the above cold springs are one of the fun places that you could go sightseeing. After cooling down, there are other choices to make whether you want to eat or do other activities. So, if the hot weather here bothers you; don’t worry, there are cold springs for you.

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