Taiwanese breads & Easy doughnuts recipe

Although the traditional staple foods here are not breads , nowadays many people adapt their eating habits to American styles due to lots of reasons. Starbucks, Fridays and Cold Stone are available in most cities, so it is not difficult at all to eat like American. Unlike some western styles to eat breads while dipping soups, Taiwanese flavors are more diverse with different tastes.

Onion breads

Photo credit: icook tw

The onion breads taste salty and may be adapted from the onion pancakes, which are one of the popular snacks in Taiwan. Some shops make onion breads with meat floss inside.

Onion garlic toast

Photo credit: yuan-chang tw

Pineapple buns

Photo credit: icook.tw

The pineapple buns were originally from Japan, even though the name is similar to Hong Kong, they taste different from both countries. Some new style of buns are made with milky fillings.

Sweet bean breads

Photo credit: Gomaji

One of the common breads in both Taiwan and Japan, but the Taiwanese beans are less sweeter than Japanese.

Classic Taiwan donuts

Photo credit: 1111 boss

The most simple and classic style of bread among others, the Taiwan donuts attracting young people and older customers to buy each time. The donuts are easily accessible in bread store, where you can find piles of donuts stocked there with friendly price. I want to provide the recipe for everyone, so people could make their own Taiwanese donuts at home.

Ingredients for donuts

All purpose flour/Plain flour: 3 cups
Egg: 1
Water: 1 cup
Dipping sugar: 1 cup
Yeast powder: 1 tablespoon
Superfine sugar/Caster sugar: 2 tablespoons
Butter: 2 tablespoons

Step 1:

Mix everything in the big mixing bowl except dipping sugar, and wait for 30-40 minutes to ferment.

Step 2:

Roll out flour for 0.5 cm thickness, and use donuts tool to make the shape.

Step 3:

Take all the shaped donuts to ferment for the second time and wait for 30-40 minutes.

Step 4:

Heat the cooker with medium fire and add some oil, put all the donuts into the it and fry until the color changes to golden yellow. Don’t heat the pan too hot, otherwise you will have scorched donuts.

Step 5:

Take a big bowl filled with caster sugar, and put all the cooked donuts into it to dip the sugar.

Step 6:

Enjoy your donuts or wait until they have completely cooled down.

#Ingredients can be changed according to your personal preference, and hope everyone can enjoy their homemade Taiwan donuts wherever you are.

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