The most famous beach in Taiwan is located in Kenting, attracting lots of tourists to stay for several days with its sunny weather and never dying passion for making people tan themselves. Although some of the water theme parks are popular for adults and kids, outgoing people are still crazy about beach due to its natural views and no border.

New Taipei- Qianshuiwan Seaside Park

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People could see some of reefs with crabs, shrimps, and fishes to catch for children at this beach. The quality of sand is fine, which is a good place for kids to have fun. Also, visitors could enjoy their coffee while viewing the sea.

Fulong Beach

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Everyone can enjoy their surfing, water skiing, and canoeing at Fulong beach. Each year, the sand sculpture art festival attracts many tourists to come with its reputation and popularity. The music festival comes with bands to play live for warming up the activities and making good impressions for everyone as well.

Daxi honeymoon bay

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Just few minutes walk from Daxi station, you could enjoy the surfing and natural habitat. It is one of the best surfing places with its shape and closed by the Pacific ocean. Since Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean, either Pacific or Taiwan Strait, it is not difficult to enjoy the oceanic view.

Waiao Beach

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The Waiao beach is also adjacent to the Pacific, here you could see another small island, Gueishan , and enjoy the sunset. There is No.9 cafe for people to drink coffee, even those who don’t like to get wet can stay here. The hostel is around the beach, so people do not have to worry about time.

Xinyue beach

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During the summer time, travelers can try the beach buggy and jet ski for fun. It is new beach that has just opened for few years. If you visit here in November, you might miss the fun part of it.

Penghu island

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It is the amazing place which is recommended for everybody, many tourists from Taiwan visit Penghu for few days trip and do scuba diving and other water activities. It is the paradise for those who like to join the water events.

Don’t forget to have fun at the beach and get tanned in Taiwan especially in summer.

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  1. trikurniara says:

    thank you! i and my friend will visit one of the beaches based on this list
    probably at the end of this month!
    thank you for this informative post!:D

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    1. Middager says:

      No problem. You can visit Green island or Orchid island. I believe either of them is great~


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