All inclusive resorts

Many cities have malls to shop and fun places to visit, but it takes time to commute especially when you are in a foreign country. It may be difficult to find the spacious resort to stay in modern city, but in the rural county, it is a paradise to enjoy your time and all inclusive facilities to play around. In the holiday resorts, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your time without worrying too much on the foods, or sports activities.

Lihpao Land

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Lihpao is not only the biggest outlet located in Taichung area, but also offers the car racing range for people to enjoy the speed of driving and the Mala Bay is designed for people who like the water park. Lots of young children with their swimming suite to let water cool them down under the scorching sun. After the evening, the Bay is still opened for those who would like to stay for fun. Though the night show is quite different than the afternoon, it is worth trying. Restaurants and cafes are in the mall, and the hotel is included for travelers who would like to stay for few days to enjoy the view of car racing and the time of shopping. Also, ferris wheel is provided and the tea house inside the mall makes customers drink their tea while viewing the lake; which is awesome in my opinion. The bookstore is there for people to read or buy gifts and some small gadgets, and the cinema is operated to attract visitors in all ages.

E-da Theme Park

Photo source: x 252

E-da is an ideal resort for family and children, there are different styles of castles for visitors to have fun there. My favorite part would be royal theater, which is the most fascinating place for me when it was first built in Taiwan with more than 1800 seats for audiences and first class facilities for actors to perform with spacious room to change dress while they are in the break time, attracting tourists who like to watch shows . The luxury hotels and outlet are there to serve customers from all countries and other Taiwanese cities. If couples want to have wedding photos with the Greek background, it is possible to reserve this kind of plan.

Grand Cosmos Resort

Photo credit: 1566x 1046

The grand cosmos resort is situated in East coast of Taiwan- Hualien, where the natural hot spring is abundant and it is designed as castle surrounded by the mountain with its air and beauty. Inside the castle, it feels like staying at your own manor with high class restaurant and indoor and outdoor facilities. The swimming pool and hot spring are available for guests, also the reading room, conference room and game room are provided for families, lovers, or businessmen. Visitors could choose which kind of villa they want to stay, it is the first place in Taiwan that combines villas and water facilities with hotel. It is the place where you can enjoy the western foods and wines are included.

If you would like to stay away from the cities and spend your leisure time, the inclusive resorts may be the best option for you. After releasing all the pressure from the work, studies or housework, Monday is not a problem at all.

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