One day trip in downtown Tainan

The Tainan city represents the cultural center of Taiwan with its ancient relics and traditional cuisines. In Tainan, you can visit the museum to appreciate the beauty of Taiwanese cultures and lively streets to wander around. Tainan is the city where historic buildings are well preserved and the streets are well organized, which surprised me the most. The sincere and honest characteristics are the attractive point that leaves good impressions to tourists, especially to people who came from Taipei or other Northern cities where people are busy with their own business without concerning others. Tainan was once the economic center in Taiwan, but after different foreign governments alternations, its importance has become history. Tainan is the fort for many Taiwanese with its rich cultures and hospitality to others, though it is not the big city nowadays, without Tainan, Taiwan is not that all.

Tang Te-chang Memorial Park( The hero who sacrificed himself for all)

Memorial park
The monument

Tang Te- Chang was the lawyer during Japanese era, he was born as half Taiwanese and Japanese. It was very difficult for Taiwanese to become lawyer in that time due to polity. However, he never gave up his dream and even tried his best to help many locals. He went to Japan for study and returned to Taiwan for serving the locals to fight against the injustice. Even the Chinese KMT party retreated from China and tortured him to death, he still unwilling to tell all the local elites. Eventually he sacrificed himself to save thousands of Taiwanese, it was such a noble action that most local people were afraid to do. He shouted loudly by the Japanese and Taiwanese languages right before sentence, which means that he was proud of being both Japanese and Taiwanese.

National museum of Taiwan literature

The museum of Taiwanese literature.

The national museum of literature is just right across the memorial park. Inside the museum, you can see different era affects the way poets create their poetry. Although people in this island hate to involve in politics, however, it is always there to affect our lives. Here, you could see the beauty of literature both Chinese and Japanese, and feel the atmosphere to stay longer. Also, the untangling identity issue was and still there to make people fight against each other; which becomes an ample room for Chinese to make a fuss between our society.

Hayashi department store

The first department store in Tainan

It was the first department store located in Tainan, and people now visit there to buy desserts and snacks. There are only five stories in this building, and the top of department store comes with small Japanese shrine for travelers to take photo shoots. The Taiwanese and Japanese design of products are all there for customers, people could stay there to enjoy their coffee and cakes if you want to experience the old times.

Old Tainan Magistrate Residence

It was the place that Japanese nobles visited and stayed, now it is the sightseeing spot for people to see the past. People can enjoy the coffee while listening musics, or visit the second floor to view the old things from previous nobles. Though it is under renovation now, the building itself is still outstanding there.

Traditional noodle: tànn-á-mī

It is one of the famous cuisines in Taiwan, people could enjoy the authentic flavor without spending too many coins. If you like Taiwanese foods, you definitely should not miss Tainan, it is the paradise where you can enjoy all gourmet foods.

Tainan is the place where you can see the past and live in the modern days. The whole city itself is the shadow of Taiwanese history, reminding us who we are and what we had been through. Tainan is the symbol of Taiwanese spirits, though sometimes they are targeted by Chinese due to political reasons and the sentiments toward Japanese. Tainan is the city that keeps the essence of Taiwanese cultures, from Dutch occupation, Ching dynasty, Japanese empire to now. If you are planning to visit Taiwan, Tainan can be your first option.

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