The medical system

The medical system is one of our outstanding services in Taiwan, though hardworking for some doctors and nurses, its convenience benefits many people who live here. The clinics and hospitals are mainly western style, the system that people are familiar with in the West. Each citizen here can join the national health system as long as you pay monthly for the basic plan. If you are sick, there are clinics and hospitals for you to choose. Though costly sometimes for the surgery, you won’t be broke because of it.

The Pharmacy

Most pharmacies are operated by local pharmacists and some of them work together with doctors. As long as the patients show the prescription, they can take their medicine. Sometimes the patient will just go to the pharmacy for drugs because of the minor problem. The recently made in Taiwan masks are all available at local pharmacies due to the pandemic. Supplements like vitamin C or milk powders for kids are popular at the shelf, making extra gains for the pharmacy. If you want to purchase our masks, be sure to order on the official website of pharmacy. Most of our masks are made by national teams to help us through this crisis, I cannot guarantee our quality is the best in the world, but I am sure these products can protect you from viruses in some degree.

Masks with MIT mark. Photo credit: gokirei.

The Traditional medicine

Some people here believe the traditional medicine can kill the disease, though it takes time to heal. Long before the Western system was introduced to Taiwan, local people took traditional medicine such as leaves, home-made soups to recover from the sickness. Some people would like to try acupuncture to release their pressure and pain. Even in Japan, some of the few people would take Chinese medicine to decrease their pain. In the past, people planted the materials of medicine, but nowadays, the Chinese medicine are all imported from China. Some of the materials are made to cuisines, and most commonly seen in the soups by mixing more than 5 kinds of ingredients. Some people consume the ingredient as one of their supplements, believing their immune system will change naturally.

The soup mixed with traditional medicine. Photo credit: The Business Today

I can’t give you my words which way is the best for your health; after all, people need to relax while taking medicine at the same time. Each system has weakness that people can take advantage of it, and some of the rare disease that can not be cured by modern medical system. Hope one day people could work out together for the great health of human beings.

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