Traditional artifacts


Ceramics is one of our cultural artifacts for few centuries and continues to serve their function in our daily life in different forms. If you visit Yingge, there is an area full of ceramic sculptures for travelers to enjoy the environment and collect as antiques. Nowadays people use tea cups or rice bowls made by ceramics. I would recommend the ceramics museum to those who like ceramics and DIY activities. And the link is attached in the following for you to quick check the whole things.

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The traditional cups for tea, medicine, or soup.
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Hundred years ago, when rich people were trying to drink tea or soups, they tended to use ceramic cups with lid to drain tea leaves with the bottom plate to hold the whole cup. If you have deep interests in crafts, there is National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute for you where you can enjoy the art and expand your knowledge.

Wood sculptures

Wood sculpture is the beauty of arts in Taiwan, except those in god’s shapes which are commonly seen in many temples, they are priceless for some antiques lovers in modern days. In Sanyi, the wood museum offers many artistic products ranging from Chinese to Southeast Asian cultures. Long time ago, Taiwanese businessmen traveled to Southeast Asia to bring back exotic things such as pearls or spices. In the meanwhile, they brought different cultures to our local life.

The wood sculpture. Photo credit:
Wood sculpture made by Taiwan Cypress.
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One of the scene in Taiwanese daily life.
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Taiwan cypress is one of the rare timbers in the world that makes our sculptures more valuable with unique scents. It is commonly known as Hinokiひのき to most people and even exported to Japan for Japanese shrine long ago. It is believed that the scents of Taiwan cypress can prevent the ants or bugs from coming to our house, and clean the environment. It is even widely used in essence oil or bath tub which are popular in the market.

For more information about wood museum, please visit the below link to find your interesting event.,15,52

Traditional Wooden Stamp

The stamp represented the social status or some important meanings in the ancient times. Even today, many company uses stamp as their official consent to other people. In Ching dynasty, the emperor has his own royal stamp to command the law or pass down his will. Even in Japanese era, the stamps were still popular among the official documents.

Wooden Stamp.
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Traditional weaving products

The weaving technique is one of arts for our native people. Native Taiwanese found the natural plants to make their own stuff and even sell to other countries. There are many different ethnic groups among aboriginal people, and each group has their own traditional clothing to represent their social status. With different styles and artifacts, these weaving methods make our cultures more diversified.

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The weaving process.
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One of traditional cloths in aboriginal people.
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If you would like to collect some interesting things here, don’t forget to visit our museums or old streets to find your unique antique. I hope these artifacts can help you know more about our cultures.

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