Flower plantation

Over the past few years’ dedication to flower plantations, the orchids have become the most prestigious flowers for Taiwan in the world. Though the resources were shortage with less fund for the first time, we could not research and plant the best seed for orchids during the first decade; right now we have orchid association to help owners hold exhibitions, and even make the best seed out of all flowers. Our orchids are sold to many countries, and even the Queen of United Kingdom visited our exhibition which was the greatest honor to our hard work.

Orchid. Photo credit: news.ebc.net.tw
The British Queen visited Taiwan Orchid exhibition. Photo credit: theme.coa.gov.tw

Some people prefer a potted orchid and place it at the office or house as the decoration. It is also recommended as a gift to friends or you could plant it at your own garden.

Chelsea Flower Show. Photo credit: Epochtimes.

Chrysanthemum, also known as mum, is another popular flower in Taiwan with easy access to many food stores. We plant, eat them and drink the tea made out of mums. The area for planting mums was the biggest for the past years, and these flowers are popular not just in Taiwan but also in Japan and Korea. Mums were commonly seen at the hospitals or funerals when people were sick or dead. Back to the Japanese occupation era, only royal people could appreciate the mums. Now everyone has the freedom to enjoy the aroma.

Exhibition of Chrysanthemums at Shilin Presidential Residence.

Some of the desserts are made by mums with other traditional ingredients such as longan or matrimony vine.

Photo credit: Sweet Medi

If you are tea fan, you can choose to have a cup of tea with mums and roses.

Photo credit: Daydaycook

Globe amaranth is one kind of popular flowers in Taiwan, though commonly known as  înn-á-hue  in Taiwanese, people here do not pay highly respect to them. Many people think globe amaranths are available everywhere with strong ability to survive,they are not a beautiful kind but not easy to wither away.

Globe amaranth, photo credit: plant.apaostudio.com

There is a song named înn-á-hue , which means that the woman is not as beautiful as peony, but will still be there to wait for her ideal person to come.

Clip origin: Youtube.

Hope you enjoy flowers as much as I do, and don’t forget to buy a potted orchid in your own country if you can find it.

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