Representative Animals

Taiwan is the island where people and animals are populated under the mild weather and beautiful seasons. Formosan sika deer were wide situated here long ago, and the history of deer can be traced back to 1744. In 18 century, people started to hunt deer and trade these animals. After a period of time, the population of deer decreased and they were almost endangered. Animal preservation authority started to do artificial breeding to help them and keep our biology in balance. Now, we can see deer at Kenting National Park or local farms to enjoy the time being with them. In Matsu, it is the paradise for deer and hot spot for tourists who are deer fans.

Formosan Sika Deer. Photo credit:
Deer hunting in 1744. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Formosan black bear is common icon in many local corporations, representing luck to us. Formosan bear has V shape furs in front of his chest with white color, which is different than Panda, and these furs look like victory and are transformed into image of good fortune. The fate of black bear was just like deer in Taiwan, they were once endangered and bred afterward. In 2001, the black bear was elected as one of the most symbolic animals in Taiwan.

Formosan black bear. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Taiwan dog is unique species among other dogs with its triangle ears, sickle shape tail, and bamboo like mouth. It moves fast, and adapts to locals even the deep mountain is not a challenge to this dog. Also commonly called as national dog or Formosan dog, and was recognized as Taiwan dog officially few years ago. They are smart and alert to new environment, and help us trace drug dealers or illegal meat traders at the airport.

Taiwan dog. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Leopard cat is endangered animal in Taiwan now with less than 1000 population, due to its territory conflicted with human beings and destroyed by human behaviors. Now many people are still wondering whether they can be raised as house cat or not. They look like normal cats, but they don’t act like them. They are predatory animals and leave their feces as territory marks rather than bury them under the ground. Researchers could only find these animals in rural mountain or specific region, and thus announced these cats as endangered animal.

Leopard cat. Photo credit:

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