Sun Moon Lake & Mermaid

If you have ever visited Taiwan, you probably heard about Sun Moon Lake which is located in central Taiwan with mountains surround the area. There are plenty of natural species and beautiful seasons, it is also a well-known tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors. Here you could enjoy outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or cycling, if you are a tea lover, you could visit the tea plant to try the famous No.18 black tea where Nantou is the natural location to make such good quality. Anyone who is concerned about Taiwanese culture knows that drinking tea is part of our customs. We even eat eggs that are boiled with tea, and the famous combo here is black tea with boiled egg.

The Sun Moon Lake. Photo credit:

People can experience the process of producing tea, and buy tea cookies or other tea related products. It is definitely a wonderland for tea time and sightseeing destination, and it was surprisingly printed on the Chinese passport as the most beautiful travel place. Without a doubt, the Sun Moon Lake is beautiful with its reputation even though the lake is actually in Taiwan.

However, there was a legend behind this lake that people were ignorant of. It was believed by the Thao people that a giant fish was living under the lake for generations to generations, with its look of half human and half fish. In 1990, there was a yacht cruising along the Sun Moon Lake, while people were having fun and enjoying their free time, a sudden wind blast made the boat turn over, causing 57 people dead. It was said by the Thao people that such giant fish can swim very fast and eat people for living. It is widely believed by Taiwanese that the dead people will find another soul to replace his role, so people died one after another.

According to the research from U.S., the appearance of such giant fish is the sign of earthquake. No matter the legend was true or not, the lake is peaceful now without any creatures. At least I did not meet any of them. Tourists can enjoy their tea time while viewing the natural scenery at either luxury hotel or tea manufacturing factory.

The giant creature. Photo credit:

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