Taiwanese Weddings

Traditional weddings here start from the engagement ceremony, couples treat families and friends to announce their relationship into legal status. In the past century, the matchmaker would be invited by the rich family, introducing them the best candidate that met their criteria. If the matchmaker successfully matched the marriage, she could have red envelope with lots of money. During the past century, women were either suffering from their marriage or serving only one husband until death. Nowadays, young people make their choice and arrange their wedding by either dancing or hiring singers to make it more lively.

Traditional wedding ceremony.

The only thing that has never changed would probably be the gift money- the red envelope. People who are invited to the wedding need to provide their red envelopes to couples. How much you give to couples is considered as part of etiquette in our cultures. In order to make the process more simpler, some couples decide to have formal wedding ceremony without engagement.

The wedding ceremony for Paiwan people. Photo credt: Chinatimes

Wedding Albums

Most people have their pre wedding photos taken by professional photographer, and pick the best one to give friends for free or print on invitation cards.

Photo credit: mr-hello.com
The wedding photo of Paiwan people. Photo credit: verywed.com

Wedding Cuisines

People can choose Taiwanese, Japanese, or Chinese foods for their guests, usually we provide wines, desserts, and fruits.

Crab cuisine is one of the popular dishes in Taiwan, either at restaurants or wedding ceremonies. Photo credit: gowedding.tw
Fruits are essential to each of our meal. Photo credit: Gowedding.tw
Traditional dessert, fried sticky rice balls. Photo credit: Gowedding.tw

Wedding Gifts

Some couples give their wedding cookies to relatives or friends as a gift, so people can receive their happiness ad blessings. Some people believe that the blessing can be passed down to others, so people get married one after another.

Photo credit: yung-an.com.tw
Photo credit: tw.tranews.com

If you have a chance to join the Taiwanese wedding, make sure that you have an invitation card and the red envelope, then you are ready to go.

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