How we celebrate the 2021

For the past few years, people celebrated the New Year just like most countries in this world, we gathered at public places with singers to help us count down to zero with the timer. This year, many city mayors decided to cancel the lively concerts due to Covid-19; instead, citizens can watch the show on line without a bunch of people spreading the virus. The weather was cold like preview years, which helps the virus more vibrant than it was used to be. Except Taipei city, the mayor was not willing to change the schedule even under lashes from different politicians, the lively concert was taking place as scheduled.

For people who visited the Kaohsiung city, there were firework shows along the Love river and Eda recreational park & hotel for people to enjoy.

Video credit: Fred Lu
Video source: Kühn. The firework show at Eda.
YouTube clip. How people celebrated the New Year in Taipei city.

For those who like celebrations, you can experience two different New Years in Taiwan. One is the firework shows that you have seen around the globe, another is Lunar New Year. Many people take break during these days, schools and corporations take days off in the same time. Convenience stores, hospitals, and some few places have workers to help people in case of emergency; most shops are closed just like Christmas.

Traditionally, local companies treat employees with year-end party, but this year, some industries were hit by the Covid-19 especially the travel agencies. In order to prepare for fighting the mutant virus, the CDC of Taiwan warned us to stay home and wear face masks outside. For those who tried to break rules and harm our medical system, the CDC has done their best to contain Covid-19.

Hope the Covid-19 can be curbed in some degree, and everyone has chance of injecting vaccines.

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