Places to visit during freezing days

Though January is the coolest month in Taiwan for most of years, with average temperatures from 13 degrees to 16 degrees, we do not provide heater at each public building such as school or business center. It was hardly to snow and that is the reason why people want to visit the mountain when the cold wave hits Taiwan, hoping to see snow and have fun with people. This week, the temperature is about 8 degree celsius and 100 people were dead because of the cold weather. Despite the cold wind that have killed people, the passion for those tourists who want to visit the mountain to enjoy such rare scenery never dies.

Taiping mountain

Photo credit: Liao Yi-An. Taiping mountain, research institute of culture & history.
Photo credit: Liao Yi-An. Taiping mountain, research institute of culture & history.
Yilan county, Taiping mountain area. Photo resource: Liberty Times Net

Hot spring hotel

For hot spring lovers, the freezing week is definitely a wonderful reason to visit the hotel or villa to have a hot bath with delicious meals after relaxing. Some people really like the mountain view while bathing, others prefer having some eggs. According to the news, the Taiori hotel is situated in Yilan where the hot spring is famous for healing; with its unique order from Taiwan Cypress as the material for making the whole building, and thus creating a comfy environment in the same time.

Coffee shop

Have a cup of coffee or tea at the coffee shop, or sip some wine to warm up your body. I would recommend the latte for people who want to visit the shop, either take break from the daily work or meet with some friends.

The Warehouse Coffee is located in Taichung, where the Feng Chia night market is nearby. Here you could choose your own drink and stay for some activities in the evening. Or you can have some local foods at the night market, go shopping for cosmetics, fashionable clothes from Japan or Korea, try your luck at claw machine shops or have some fun with ring toss games. If you can get your target item, you will receive the product. When I was a kid, the pinball game and goldfish scoop were popular. Now I can see young people are playing balloon darts or basketball toss games especially for guys.

The hot drink at Warehouse Coffee.

Don’t forget to keep yourself warm in such cold winter. Have a wonderful weekend.

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