Historic relics & Exotic gatherings in Taichung city

If you are a Buddhist, you may want to visit the Paochueh Temple which was built in 1926 with a giant Buddha statue, attracting lots of tourists from local to overseas. There are two main buildings in this temple, one is Buddha style with spacious place for people to pray and leave with a peaceful mind. Another building is monument for dead people who were in the army during World War II, and Japanese tombstones are included. The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva God or commonly known as Jizo Bosatsu in Japan is here at the temple for both Taiwanese and Japanese followers.

Paochueh Buddhist Temple

The main building of the temple.
The Buddha statue with gold color
Japanese tombstones
The monument for dead Taiwanese who lost their life at the World War II.
The Jizo Bosatsu God for both Taiwanese and Japanese worshippers

Yide Mansion

The mansion was originally built by one of the rich families in Taichung for his wives to stay. The building was combined with Western, Japanese and Taiwan styles. Now it is the sightseeing spot for people to enjoy tea time and relax.

The mansion. Photo credit: museums.moc.tw

Taiwan Sun Cake Museum

For those who have never tasted sun cakes, this museum is definitely a place that you could visit. Here you can learn the process of making sun cakes and see traditional cake models. Or you can just sit there and order a cup of coffee with your sun cake, which is recommended for people who are new here.

The front of museum
The interior of museum

Folklore Park

The folklore park is the place where you can see the ancient building and experience old days just like Taiwanese did. You can see lots of old gadgets and toys here. If you would like to fit in the atmosphere with an unforgettable memory, you can rent traditional clothes and take selfie here.

Photo credit: itaichung.tw

Exotic gatherings

For those who are fond of western antiques, this museum has all you need. You can see old things from kitchenwares to books. It is the western museum for locals to have a look of different world as if we were in the West.

Or if you would like to have some pho from Vietnam or green curry rice from Thai, you can visit ASEAN square where the supermarket and restaurants are operated by Southeastern Asians.

I hope foreign tourists can have a chance of visiting Taichung, where the weather is nice for most of days and the people are friendly in the same time. Hope these information are helpful to you, and I will keep updating my posts for those who wanna know more about Taiwan without enough resources.

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