Shopping districts in Taichung city

For those first time visitors in Taichung, who would like to buy some things as souvenirs without knowing where to go, this post is right for you. The mall is a great place for one-stop shopping with restaurants, cinemas, or food courts for people to take break. Outside the mall, there are many shops that travelers can visit for fun.

Chung Yo department store

This mall is situated near Taichung train station, so if you visited here you can take buses or taxi so you can save your time for commuting . The night market is also around this area with many street foods to fulfill your need. The night market usually starts at 17:00 in most of places, but if you can’t wait until then, it is okay because some of the owners start their businesses during lunch time. What makes this mall unique is more than 1 building in this area, many cosmetics from overseas and fashion goods are all here for you.

This area is also a gathering place for young people especially for high school students. People can buy cheaper things, eat tidbits, have different drinks here. The reason why young people would like to be here is for the cram school, and shopping of course. There is one building with many cram schools here to provide education after school for students to prepare their entrance exam for college.

Also, the police station is right across the mall, so if anything happens to you or you need help when traveling, you can just go inside and ask for help.

Chung Yo department store. Photo credit: Google

Kuang San Sogo department stores

This shopping mall is more like Japanese style with restaurants, retail stores, drug stores from Japan to serve local customers. The most interesting part of this mall is the clock in front of the main building which announces time on the hour.

The national science museum is around this area, so if you feel tired after spending some time there, you can walk here to this mall to have a rest and enjoy your big meal. Also, there is another shopping center right across this mall where people can enjoy breads & snacks, or have a cup of coffee, pasta at Cafe.

Photo credit: Google

ShinKong Mitsukoshi department stores

This mall is famous in Taiwan with many branches, including in Taipei area and other major cities. In this mall, you can enjoy cinemas during different seasons for both men and women. Students can have a discount as long as you can provide the student ID card. Popcorns, cokes and sodas are served before people entering the cinema, or you can just simply skip the snack part without extra pay. Here you can enjoy at food courts for local meals, restaurants for dining. Young children like to have fun when the fountain works so they can cool themselves for hot days.

Photo credit: Google

Top City

The Top City was opened by one of the tycoons in Taiwan with more local products for people to shop, especially in Southern cities, many stores are local owned and operated. Of course, there are some Chinese style things that people can find here. The Top City in Taichung is just right next to the ShinKong department store, so people have a lot of choices to make and switch back and forth if they would like.

Photo credit: Google

The Lunar Near Year is about to come, for local shoppers who would like to have some gifts for families, the mall is another good choice to pick your own products except traditional food shops. Many department stores offer discounts for people so they can attract more customers to come during the new year season. This year, the lunar new year starts on Feb. 10 as national holidays. So, if you are still here and have no idea where to stay, you can visit these malls to have some things different or pick some gifts for your local friends, families in your home town. Hope these information would help and enjoy your day.

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