The best 3 things in Taipei city

When it comes to international city, the first image that comes across my mind would be New York, London or Tokyo. Each year, the airports, sightseeing spots are full of travelers from around the globe due to its rich history, cultures and delicious foods. Taipei city is the capital of Taiwan, and also the center of media, education, and politics. Some people are trying to make Taipei as one of the interesting cities in this world, attracting visitors to come to this island to enjoy the sunshine weather and international companies to invest their businesses here. Though other cities are still amazing, it is hard to deny its existence to Taiwan.


In Taipei, you can take MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) buses, or trains to get around this place without any problem. The average price is low, and it won’t cause you a trouble to transfer. Also, the public restrooms at each MRT station are clean so you don’t have to worry about the sanitation. If your battery is out of juice, you can just stay at the recharge section to use your phone. It is convenient to travel to other cities, such as Yilan or Tainan and bus schedule is right on time, so you won’t postpone your plan.

International brands

Taipei is the first place that many big companies would like to invest their business and test the market, I can see H & M, Tsutaya bookstore, Coldstone, Starbucks, Texas Roadhouse, TGI Fridays and Muji. Recently, the Japanese retail store, donki-donki has just opened their first store in Taipei with hundreds of people lining to wait for entering the store. Though it may be a little bit different here than in Japan, it is hard to deny that Japanese stores are popular in Taiwan. Plus the pandemic period, so everyone has to wear face masks and check the temperature so they can go to the shop to buy their stuffs.

The Tsutaya bookstore is very popular in Japan, if my knowledge is correct, they also provide service of comfy section for women and people can take shower there, do their hair after long hours of reading. Of course, you need to pay extra fee for these service. In Taiwan, the Tsutaya bookstore has restaurant for people to dine in and talk with your friends, but those books are not written in Japanese.

Tsutaya bookstore, Taipei. Photo credit:

Exotic cuisines

If you are tired of home cooking, you can choose your meals from many restaurants such as Chinese, Italian, American, Japanese or Korean. People here can eat different delicious Chinese foods from each province, and Hong Kong foods are also widely spread. For western restaurants, the Italian spaghetti and steak are commonly seen on menus, most customers would either dine in or stay there for the tea time, watch football games at Texas Roadhouse or have a cup of wine at the bar.

For fans of Japanese foods, we have restaurants to offer sushi, tempura, udon, ramen or Japanese BBQ. These foods can be found not only at restaurants, but also food court at department stores. Besides, the Japanese outlet, Mitsui, opened their chain stores with mainly Japanese foods at almost each restaurant inside the mall.

Foods at Texas Roadhouse

Taipei may be a little far away from many people’s hometown, but it’s worth visiting once you step outside, it won’t turn you down. Hope the city of Taipei can make yourself at home and become one of the popular destinations for global travelers to visit.

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