Feb. 28, Taiwanese Tian An Men massacre

Feb. 28 is the memorial day in Taiwan now with musical event to console those dead people, they could be women, teenagers, elites or little babies. Since 1947, the Chinese KMT party has landed on the island and started their brutal ruling to this tiny place without sincerely admitting their crimes. Even until now, the KMT chairman shows up in the memorial event, trying to talk with those families is still in vain. 1947 was the year that brought many Taiwanese into living hell, our hopes to live like normal men after Japanese colonization were gone forever. If Taiwan was recognized as a nation, the Feb.28 should be our National Foundation Day.

There are too many stories from our citizens waiting to be heard , yet the KMT party is still in the government waiting for their chance to take the throne again. Some people ran away from this island to have new life in other countries without ability to visit this mother land, after 1987 July 15, some of them were able to come back to meet with their families. Some Chinese who retreated to this island with KMT party, chose to immigrate to United States, United Kingdom or other countries in this world. To them, life in the third country seems way better than here. Although some of those Chinese are among us nowadays, people on this island are still following the system or rules that the KMT party brought upon us.

If you compare the tragedy between Taian An Men incident and Taiwanese Feb. 28, the only difference is that the Taiwanese were slaughtered by the foreign power. It was until 1995 that the Taiwanese president who represented the KMT party, apologizing to those victims. And finally in the 1997, the Feb. 28 was recognized as a memorial day for Taiwanese. Now it is the symbol of democratic progress for Taiwan.

The memorial day seems to be a good start for us; however, things were not as smooth as they supposed to be. The sad thing is that some of generations from those victims chose to join KMT party without condemning their behaviors, making KMT party has chances to show us that they are fine now. If KMT party wants to apologize to Taiwanese, they could just step down from the government and give this island a break without turning back. On the top of that, the KMT party now is cooperating with Chinese communist party to purge local people, trying to make this island even more miserable. The KMT party was defeated by the communist Chinese long time ago and they got away from China then retreated to Taiwan, forcing Taiwanese to anti China by that time but now the KMT party wants us to be connected with the communist Chinese, which is a such big joke and humiliation to Taiwanese.

Apologizing to people for what they have done is not the behavior that Chinese would do, because it is a shame to apologize in the public in Chinese culture. It is like the Covid 19 that the Chinese government is never officially recognized as Wuhan virus, even though everyone in this world knows exactly where the origin is. Recently, the communist China just announced that they will start to ban all the pineapples imported from Taiwan on March 1, following the Feb.27 Lantern Festival in Taiwan. It seems like everything connected to Chinese is never simple at all, though people on this island hope to get along with them.

On this memorial day, I wish everyone in this world could live peacefully without losing their lives, fortune, or families because of wars or their beliefs.

Taichung park. Feb. 28, 2021.
Memorial event. Taichung park, Feb.28, 2021
Taichung park, Feb.28, 2021

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