Lively places with buskers

People who engage in music industry or arts often have difficulty surviving in this competitive market. About a decade ago, the government started to encourage citizens to join music festivals and also offered certifications for those who want to perform on the streets. Since then, many places were full of buskers to sing for people, or interact with the audiences. They earn little money to make ends meet, but in the same time, they amuse people and make our streets lively. Though sometimes they bother the surrounding people who need to rest, restaurant or shop owners would love to cooperate with them to attract more customers.

Hsingchu Train Station

I have once met with a Japanese busker who has traveled 50 countries around the world. To him, traveling is the dream, singing is a way of showing gratitude toward this place and of course, surviving.

Japanese busker at Hsinchu train station.

Taichung area

Every week, buskers are around Calligraphy Greenway to sing songs for visitors, and vendors are selling their products especially jewels or fashionable stuff. There is a new small food market near the Greenway to provide not only local cuisines but also exotic foods, such as French crepes, Korean fish stick, Thai shrimp, and Indian roasted chicken.

Momotaro is a group of two people who sing and play guitars at the same time. They could sing Taiwanese songs very fluently, which is one of my favorite parts. Also they sing Chinese songs beautifully. Their albums are available with 400 NT dollars.

Momotaro group

Mimo fatguy is a magician who performs many different kinds of tricks and invites audiences to join him. The crowd seems to like him a lot with laughter and clapping all the time.

Mimo fatguy.

Jerry Chou is a busker who performs a verity of show to entertain people. Kids like him a lot and even rush to the front to donate money to him. He attracts many people to watch his show and would like to share his life story with friendly strangers. He also encouraged people to pursue their dream no matter how hard it could be.

Jerry Chou

Taipei area

I can’t believe that I would meet someone like him, master Yang, who plays Taiwanese songs by saxophone. He said that he is either at Wugu or Taoyuan area to perform, he is an old guy with enthusiasm. We met at recreation area next to the Wugu interchange high way, where visitors come to take a break and eat some snacks so they could continue their trips. He is selling his albums/CDs with very cheap price, 100 NTD, which are recorded by different styles. If you are interested, you can find Japanese old songs translated into Taiwanese, Japanese songs in Chinese version, and Taiwanese musics.

Master Yang introduced Japanese songs in Chinese version to me, guessing I prefer the new style just like other young people. On the contrary, I chose the Taiwanese album which was recorded and created by locals, and that surprised him a lot.

Taiwanese CD in very simple style

Hope people would appreciate their performances on the streets and enjoy your day in the meanwhile. Wish the Covid will be over as soon as possible, and vaccines are available for everyone so the streets will be lively again and buskers can come back to perform in their own country.

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