International photography exhibition & The serene Cafe

The photography event is held in Taichung, Sin Kong Mitsukoshi department store at 10 floor, starting from March 13 to March 24 for people to appreciate the beauty of nature. This is probably the first time for me to find out the art event in the department store, which is a good news I think, so people can enjoy something fun except eating and shopping. What I learned about the photography in the event is that the nature of things can be captured by a glimpse of camera. This is quite universal, but without visiting the show, I couldn’t understand how hard these photographers contribute to this industry though they may encounter some difficulties.

The photography event, March 13 ~March 24

Kengo Kobayashi

A Japanese photographer who loves and lives in Taiwan, with lots of followers on Facebook and many beautiful photos about nature Taiwan, including the Matcha( Japanese green tea) mountain of Yilan which is his representative work, and the recent fruits series of album. By his camera, he captures every single piece of scenery with dedication to show the world how beautiful Taiwan is.

Kengo Kobayashi, Japanese photographer who lives in Taiwan with his reputation for loving this island.

Tung Shing Wu

A local photographer with almost ten years of hard work to record the scenes that he encountered. Through his photos, I could hear the voice of ocean when the wave hits itself and feel the scorching sun under the beach as if I was there.

Lee, Tseng-Yin

An young and ambitious man who likes to discover new things and explore himself with art works between unusual and usual to create mystery among others. His famous work would be the following photo shows the bridge of underworld for dead people to wait for the reincarnation.

The serene Cafe

Of all the Cafes that I visited in Taiwan, the Match Cafe would be the most educational place that I have ever stayed. Unlike other Cafes where sandwiches and drinks are available, this Cafe shows people the reality of our environment and the future that we need to face with. This place is quite comfy, students can bring their laptops to work on their projects or simply read books, have some discussions with friends by low volume. It is a great place for people to stay for a whole afternoon.

The Match Cafe, No.902, Taiwan Boulevard, Taichung city, 407
With flyers to promote the idea of standing with Hong Kong, protecting Taiwan, and the situation of Holland.
A piece of art work with books on the shelf to offer customers to read for free.

The Taiwanese Flag

This is the most amazing part of this Cafe with the modern Taiwanese flag on their wall to encourage people who dream of our own country with our own flag and authority. It is said that this flag was originally designed during Japanese era with the symbol of Taiwanese language, but recently reorganized the pattern and won the first prize at the flag designing campaign.

The Taiwanese flag with symbol of Taiwanese language.

The foods

The fruit tea is one of their popular drinks on the menu, with pineapples, raisins and black tea. One glass of drink costs about USD $4 with $ 6 USD for the waffle.

The painting of Tian An Men

The most notorious act by far and probably will happen some day in the future, the massacre event in Tian An Men which is still untold in China, reminds us of those terrible things that we should get away with, and the inevitable independence movement that we are going/forcing to join.

Feb. 28, Taiwanese Tian An Men event.

What I like about these places is that the creativeness is without boundary and it is full of our life. At these places, your thoughts, act of appreciation toward art will not be confined.

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