Metropolitan park & Arts streets

Taichung metropolitan park

The Taichung metropolitan park is located near the border of county and city, where families visit there with children and couples enjoy spending time together. The metropolitan park is spacious with almost 88 hectares for people to fly kites, ride bicycles and walk around. If you don’t have map or GPS on your hand, it is easy to get lost. It is the spring season right now that flowers are booming with breeze to make people relax.

One corner of the park.

The path to the central park is smooth, and some people choose to ride bicycles to enjoy their time or join other activities so they could stay at the park for the whole day.

This park is a friendly place for pedestrians and bicycle riders.

There is a visitor center for those who have any problems, or you could stay at the outdoor performing plaza where people can dance or sing if audiences are okay with that.

Also, the star observation plaza is useful, children can learn basic knowledge through the device at nights. If you are a fan of nature, plants observation plaza is the right place for you with different seasonal flowers and plants to take a look.

The intersection of the park

People who enjoy the sunshine and fly their kites with children or their loved ones.

There is a bike store for people to rent beside the entrance of the park, so people could have fun together without walking all the way into the park.

Bikes renting shop

Goats farm

If you are tired of staying at the park with breeze on your face all the time, the goats farm seems another option that you can think about. Though this farm is tiny beside the park, there is no entrance fee, and children can enjoy feeding goats with two coins for feeding stuffs.

The entrance

Birds are singing inside the cage as if they are welcoming the guests.

There is a small garden at the farm as a decoration for the visitors.

Goats seem to enjoy eating the grass whenever people approach them, there is one pony inside the fence among goats, not sure if he can get along with other animals but cat seems okay with hens and roosters.

Feed the goats

Goats are gathering together and waiting for the right moment to eat their foods, sometimes their partners would take their foods away and there will be an animal fighting scene.

Donghai Arts Street

Long time ago, the Donghai arts street was famous for its beauty, classic style of architecture and unique shops. Now it is the street for people to enjoy the foods and shop at exotic stores. I could have afternoon tea with desserts and visit the Indian store for interesting things.

The entrance of Arts street.

The Rose House is the leading afternoon tea house in Taiwan and this dining restaurant was first established in 1999 in Taichung, where the tea house is part of the arts street area.

The original store of Rose House

Now it is common for people to see this blue sign in other cities especially in metro Taipei, where people like to have a cup of tea to spend the whole afternoon chatting with girl friends and gossiping about trivial issues.

The Rose House with blue sign

If you would like to visit the park, don’t forget to have some tea at Rose House, the arts street is not very far away from the metropolitan park. For those who do not have cars/motorcycles, you may take bus to the park, and walk to the arts street for half hour.

The Tunghai night market is another choice for people who would like to have street foods at night, after having fun in the park.

Hope people can visit these places and have fun, so the arts street will become the real international street some day.

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