Organic cotton products

There were cotton products widely seen in the market decades ago, but nowadays lots of companies move their locations to countries where labor costs are less. Products that are made with 100% cotton are rare with higher prices now. Due to environmental protection awareness, and the health concerns toward those farm workers, it is recommended to use organic cotton products rather than things made by normal cotton. Spinning factory was one of popular industries half century ago, making Taiwanese economy boom for decades. Just like other businesses, some spinning companies relocate to other countries with their techniques in the same time, and that is another issue that the government here needs to worry about.

Green Grace organic farm

Here is a organic cotton farm that I would like to introduce to others, the Green Grace organic farm, with certification to prove their hard work as a team from production, research to sales. Through this company, you could find some commodities such as pillows, masks, towels, socks, etc. Also, children could visit the farm to have one day experience from DIY activity.

Photo credit: Green Grace organic farm.


Zenfab is a company where materials to productions that are all made in Taiwan with 100% GOTS certification. Clothing for men , women and babies are all included. Canvas bags with Halloween images are available on the Zenfab’s website. Large order is possible with production places from Taiwan, Vietnam, to Myanmar for some products.


The Wildgreen is an organic cotton company that focuses on the green products, except original cotton imported overseas, the making technique is from local spinning factory with certification that complies with global standard. Shops are available from North to South in Taiwan, and Hong Kong is the only overseas branch for their products. They sell not only clothes but also coffee drip filters, which are amazing for our current market.

All these three companies provide customization service for people, and I believe everyone is welcome as long as you contact one of them. If you would like to visit the real farm, the Green Grace is definitely your choice, if you would like to order T-shirts on websites, both Zenfab and Wildgreen are fine. Hope these information would be helpful for those who would like to support organic cotton.

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