April Holidays


April is the month for Taiwanese to have long week holidays, including Tomb Sweeping Day and Children’s Day. It is the time for the Easter Day in some countries, and it’s an important month in Japan as well due to several ceremonies in schools and staffs recruiting at companies. The Tomb Sweeping Day is the time that we get together with families and clean the environment for our ancestors such as sweep the grass or prepare foods, aside with incense when we pray at them. The traditional way for Tomb Sweeping Day is visit the exact location and clean the surrounded environment of tombs; however, lands are not enough for us to live and so are those dead people. In Buddhism, people mourn their beloved ones by chanting Buddhism songs everyday after burning their bodies into ashes and collect them into a pot. Some people set a table for Gods with spirit tablets of ancestors at home, so they could pray and mourn to their dead families as long as they want. It is simple and time-saving , and it is just like praying at temples.

It was supposed to be a reunion day for each family, but the horrible train tragedy took away dozens of lives and caused sensations in our public transportation history. There were 44 countries and hundreds of politicians expressed their condolences toward our country.

The National

Some people volunteer to bring foods and some hotels offer shelters for free for victims’ families, nurses and doctors. Most bodies were identified but some of them are still unknown. Hope those victims will be fine and no more tragedy in the future.

April 4th, Children’s Day

I wish the Children’s Day can cheer some people up; after all, kids often bring laughter and make people busy for many reasons. There are no strict rules for people how to celebrate this day, but most restaurants are booked on this day especially those ones that have open spaces for children to have fun and parents to take a break. The Show Times mall is recommended for parents, it is located in Taichung city with the following address.

“No. 76, Nanjing Road, East District, Taichung city.”

It is the place where people can shop, eat and have fun. The bookstore is there as well, so people can enjoy reading and have some local snacks. The cinema is inside the mall for citizens to watch the newest movie, if you are tired of books, foods or fashions. It is not a big mall, but it’s close to Taichung train station, so people who do not own a car can easily pass by.

Amusement parks offer cheaper tickets for children on this day, so parents can save money for taking their kids here. This year, according to the news, our government provides more funds for children at rural schools, so they can have free lunches everyday.

Taipei amusement park.
www. rtaiwanr.com

The birth rate in Taiwan now is low, many young people do not want to have kids for their future plans based on many reasons. But the Children’s Day without many kids is a kind of sad thing for the country. Long ago, children played games with rocks and woods ; now I could only see some of them at parks with parents watching them in case they will be taken away by strangers. Only the amusement park or some facilities can be used for them, it’s difficult to find nature for the future generation. Though we can visit the forest or deep mountain, it’s not convenient for us to walk around there.

But anyway, happy Children’s Day for all.

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