Cat friendly cafes

Cats are mysterious and cunning small animals, compared to dogs and other creatures that humans adopt as pets. They are agile and they know how to pretend cute to attract owners, so they could have foods to eat. Cats are like human beings, the more you want to spend time with them, the more they will avoid you. Traditionally, elders have a bad impression toward cats especially the black kind. Not knowing the true reason, but I am sure that other color cats are pretty attractive as long as you are a cat lover. Though some restaurants or cafes attract customers by cats, some of their foods or desserts are delicious.

R-star restaurant

R-star restaurant is located in Taichung city, where green leaves are decorated as part of open garden. Customers can choose to stay outside for lunch without getting sun burn. Cats are kept inside without letting them out, though many of them try to sneak out when someone opens the door.

No. 101, Zhongming South Road, West District, Taichung city, Taiwan

The soup, salad and the bread are a good combination for appetizers.

The volume of drink is super big, so you don’t need to worry for thirst.

The black tea.

This cat was focusing on drinking water, even though I tried to call him. There are dozens of cats here with lovely houses for them, and they seem to be tired of humans and flashlights from cameras.

Cat was drinking water.

The black cat was winning about something to his owner, and another one was hiding underneath the couch.

Grey cats were more serious than other kinds, they didn’t smile nor did anything else. They just stayed there as if we interrupted their tea time. No matter how hard we tried, they just did not interact with us.

Grey cats


Waken bake is a bit of bar style, customers visit there for lunch or dinner with wines or other drinks. They offer a wide variety of foods and people can just see the cats without really touching them. This cafe is situated in Taipei city where people can commute by MRT system, and it is also surrounded by malls so you can arrange a new plan after your meals.

No.18, Yongji Rd., Lane 30, Alley 158, Xinyi District, Taipei city, Taiwan
Spaghetti with a drink

Cats were sleeping at our lunch time, so we were unable to wake them up though one of them opened his eyes and fell asleep again.

Sleeping cats

Toast chat

This cafe is famous for its toast with side dishes and drinks, and their mashed potatoes look tasty. People can stay there without time limit, so be sure to book your spot, in case you will miss the chance.

No. 58, Guangfu South Rd., Lane 290, Da-an District, Taipei city, Taiwan

The ice cream and milk tea go well with each other and will definitely cool you down, particularly on a hot day.

The vanilla ice cream with Rosemary leave on a top

This orange cat looked at me with curious eyes, and let me take a photo with his nice pose which was quite rare.

Many cat murals are on the wall, so the whole cafe feels like a wonder world with cats. However, this cat looked stern with dark color to express his feeling by that moment.

This painting makes me feel warm because the cat looked gentle without hostility under the flashlight.

I like the open space with green things, so I would recommend R-star for others. But other cat friendly places are a lot, and I believe they are all welcome polite people. Unfortunately, these cafes do not provide service for customers who want to adopt cats. So, if you want to choose one of them as part of your family member, you might need to visit other locations. I hope we can create an environment for both humans and animals, so they could live happily like us.

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