Public places near Taiwan Boulevard

For people who would like to visit this city without having a car or scooter, the public transportation seems to be the most easiest way to get around this new city. Recently, the mass rapid transportation in Taichung has finally started their service for the public. So if you want to spend your afternoon at Wenxin Forest park, you can try to take the MRT there and arrange your schedule following the MRT route. If not, the bus station started from new Taichung train station is one of the recommended ways that you can travel. The Taiwan Boulevard was Taichung port Road decades ago, it is one of renowned streets and many shops, banks are gathered along this road. If you travel along Taiwan Boulevard, you can reach to the Taichung port where it is a tourist attraction now with less boats, though some people do their businesses by shipping their products via this port.

Miyahara tea house

Miyahara is the place where customers enjoy their drinks, ice creams and traditional Taiwanese foods. There are dozens of ice cream flavors that people can try and the second floor is open for people who like to eat fried rice, fruits shaved ice, and other local snacks. If you are a foodie, Miyahara is definitely the place for you.

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Taichung Sogo & Sixth traditional market

Sogo is the department store where people shop and eat, just like other shopping malls. Except the Sogo department store, the Sixth traditional market located across Sogo is the modern mall where people can enjoy the traditional market sentiment on the third floor with well organized floor and clean aisles, so customers won’t feel sweaty while shopping and haggling the price with shop owners. If you like the science museum, it only takes 10 minutes walk from this mall.

Photo credit: Taichung tourism

Maple garden

The Maple garden is the public outdoor place where people can enjoy sunshine, relax on weekends. The night scene is very attractive to citizens too, with its convenient location for lovers, kids, and families.

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Tunghai night market

There is only one street for the night snacks close to the Tunghai university. Tourists can find some restaurants, street foods here with its specialty. The beans on the top of creamy ice tastes really great with chicken legs/claws as snacks, it is a great combo for those who like frozen foods.

Photo credit: Next Magazine
Photo credit: discoverytaiwan

Mitsui Outlet Park & Gaomei wetland

There are three main branches of Mitsui Outlet Parks in Taiwan, the locations are Keelung, Taichung, and Tainan city. And there is another one scheduled to open near Taichung train station, so people who live around here can shop in the near future. The one situated in Taichung is convenient for Shalu and Qingshui residents. If you visit the outlet mall, the Gaomei wetland is another tourist attraction that people stay for fun. For people who travel from the Shalu train station, there are shuttle buses to take. Many exotic restaurants inside Mitsui outlet are providing Japanese, Korean, and Hong Kong foods ; so locals can enjoy different cuisines without traveling abroad.

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Hope everyone enjoys this article, if you travel to Taichung, please take your time to explore this place. If you like, you can have fun following Taiwan Boulevard to the Shalu train station and move on your next destination. Wish you a good luck !

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