Exotic foods and foreigners in Taiwan

Taiwanese are proud to say that we are a friendly country to foreigners, according to some of news sources and locals. Most of foreigners are staying in metro Taipei due to its convenience and language education. Unlike people in Taipei city, citizens who live in other cities usually commute by motorcycles or cars, and that is probably the reason why few foreigners were willing to visit there for the first time. But in recent years, I have met with some foreigners who have been living in Taichung, Tainan, or Kaohsiung city for a while. I found some exotic restaurants opened in Taipei city where some cooks spend time preparing gourmet foods for people.

Priya India restaurant

The restaurant is operated by Indian couples who are friendly and eagerly to introduce their foods to local people. They speak English and Mandarin Chinese to customers, so people can understand them. Indian curry tastes differently with spices to make the flavor stronger, and people can choose flat bread or rice to eat with.

No.177, Section 1, Wenxing Rd., Zhubei city, Hsinchu county, Taiwan 302

Saizeriya Italian restaurant

Saizeriya is an Italian chain store restaurant, where customers can taste pastas, Italian soups, pizzas, and desserts. They provide drink bar with less money, so people can stay there longer time and leave with satisfaction.

2F., No. 25, Minquan Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

양반/량반 Korean Barbecue

Korean foods are famous for their barbecues with special made sauces and side dishes. I could barely see cold noodles at other Korean restaurant, which is one of gourmet foods in Korea, but this restaurant makes me surprise. It is interesting to use scissor for cutting foods at the table, but Korean cold noodles taste good. They mix the vinegar with cold noodles, and add ice to make the food even colder.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store

American Youtuber: Aiong

Aiong is a friendly American who is staying in Taiwan with his hard work to broadcast Taiwanese language for locals. He learns and speaks Taiwanese, and even went to the test center for Taiwanese examination. He cooperates with local Youtuber to work on English to Taiwanese translation each week, which is great and saves our language from dying. He teaches some of local students how to read the language by phonetic system.

Muslim immigrants

Some of immigrants from Indonesia work hard here, they have their own ways of worshiping to the God and the eating habits. The Islamic cultural exhibition was held in Taipei, Sun Yat Sen memorial hall for locals to know more about Muslim. It is interesting to see the Quran holder and the prayer beads.

The prayer beads
The wooden engraving is quite amazing with Arabic

Some foreigners consider Taiwan as their hometown, which is wonderful for us to hear that. If you would like to visit some exotic places, the restaurant seems to be a good start. In Taiwan, Japanese and Italian restaurants are commonly seen around the corner, so if you don’t mind, choose one of the places that you like and start to enjoy your meals. Make yourself at home while you are in Taiwan, wish you guys all the best.

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