Global enemy: Covid-19

When the Covid-19 first burst out, many people were panic without knowing the real remedy to heal the dying patients. Taiwan, as one of the countries to ban all flights from Wuhan and hence had enough time to protect the habitants, plus the experience from SARS about two decades ago, which helps us from surviving Covid-19 this time. At least, this is what most people believe. Today, May 15th is the day that minister of CDC announced 180 cases, causing sensations among us with stricter rules to contain the transformed virus. Some people rushed to the supermarkets to buy daily supplies, and arouse concerns for being infected. Right now, people can choose to have AZ vaccination though we do not have many left for medical personnel. The vaccination made locally needs to wait until June, so the most efficient way is to stay home and keep safe.

Here are few ways that government suggests us following for the next two weeks.

Avoid going shopping at crowded places

Do not rush to the shopping malls or supermarkets for grocery shopping; otherwise, you will get infected more easily than others because of the cluster infection and bring the virus back home. If possible, do not eat outside, try to take out or order things online and deliver to your doorstep. Anyone who enters the restaurant needs to sign their real name in order to track the infectious origin if the new case rises.

Avoid the public transportation

Many people take MRT, mass rapid transportation, in metro Taipei to commute to work or schools for weekdays. Sometimes buses are full of people during the rush hour, but now few people are waiting at bus stops or keep certain distance between each other. The best way to avoid cluster infection is drive your own car or scooter. For those who do not have either of them, the Ubike is another easy way to get around if there is necessary.

Ubike is accessible for people. Everyone is welcome to rent and return when you are done.

Wear masks

It is highly recommended to wear face masks wherever you go, restaurants, shopping marts, or convenience stores. It is a relief that we still have plenty of masks for people, but the government is encouraging us not to go outside if possible. Although students can attend classes, and office workers can still do their job at the workplace, we are facing the crisis that has never existed. Except these measures, people who go back home right after the public places is strongly suggested washing hands and do not touch face randomly.


For those who live in Taichung area are suffering from water shortage, and every house needs to save some water twice a week in order to keep the reservoir work normally. There is no strong typhoon nor rains for dropping some water for us, and it seems like the reservoir is going to run out of water soon. People are praying to have rains, so we can save our reservoir and make the temperature drop down to cool ourselves. The only thing we can do is deliver some amount of water from North to South to rescue people there.

Another issue popped up few days ago was the electricity shout down, and people realized that the the electrical grid in South went wrong could cause the whole Taiwan to have trouble in one second. Due to some environmental concerns by certain groups, the power plant is under construction and obstruction in central Taiwan without supplying the power to North. Currently, people in Taipei use the electricity supported from South which is not convenient and harms the health of Southern people for almost their whole life.

Life under Covid-19

After Taipei and New Taipei city announced to be Level 3 of Covid-19 restrictions, most places look like ghost towns during weekends; though few people are still looking for foods and hanging out with friends. We are fighting for this battle and hope the restrictions could be lifted after two or three weeks. For those people who are supported by the authoritarian regime in Taiwan, criticizing our government or certain politician is not gonna help, we will try our best to combat the virus so our country would be normal again.

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