Bow to China series

Long before many international companies invested to China, Taiwan has been bowed to China for over decades. Except the previous government that had affection toward China due to history, ethnic reason or economic reliance; Taiwanese have been used to kneel down before Chinese for a long time, causing our people to get away with Chinese affairs and refuse to confront with them even if we suffer. Bowing to China is not simply apologize to them, it also harms our self-esteem especially when our students are abroad without able to show our identity either at public organizations or private meetings. It maybe difficult for others to imagine, but our people need to “get along with” or “say hello” to Chinese in the beginning to show politeness if we visit other countries; otherwise, they will target us in groups, not to mention that if some of our people have inclination to support Taiwan affairs.

Hand-shaken drinks

There were almost 13 different stores bowed to China for their branches in Chinese market, and accepted one China policy by calling themselves China Taiwan tea in 2019 after the protest in Hong Kong. This is not the first time and won’t be the last as long as our people want to enter into the Chinese market, it is impossible to avoid the China censorship. Things happened after the Yifang tea store expressed its attitude to boycott the strike in Hong Kong with its fully support to China, CoCo TEA, Dayungs, and other stores started to show their loyalty in case their branches will be ruined under the Chinese censorship.

Some Taiwanese were furious and even made a list of local tea stores that still not kneel down, so people can choose to order from them. Here I won’t show all their names, in the case that one day they will change their minds under pressure.

John Cena

The recent incident that John Cena has publicly apologized to the people of China for calling Taiwan a country, also for “The Fast And The Furious” in the Chinese market, reminding people of Mulan by the Chinese actress, who supported the Hong Kong police to oppress the people to fight for their rights.

The Disney Mulan was one of my favorite stories when I was a kid, though the history background was in China and my real identity was even questioned by my friends, it did not change the way I saw it. The musics, the tempos, and the way they filmed makes a great animation. Few years ago, I happened to know that one of the producers or conductors is actually from Taiwan for the Disney Mulan.

Real cast in 2020
The original Mulan in 1998

BNT (BioNTech) vaccines

When it comes to the health, the Chinese communist party still puts their hands on us and they do not fear what others think about, nor care at all. All they care about is politics. The CDC in Taiwan has discussed and negotiated with BNT for almost half year, when we were ready to sign the contract, China interfered in it for the reason that our official document says” our country”, even though we changed it into “Taiwan bureaucracy” the deal was cancelled.

The representative of BNT is actually in Shanghai for serving the Greater China area, but few months ago, there were some problems about the packaging so the media here are debating about this issue despite the fact that we still order the Modernas from the State, which have just arrived to Taiwan two days ago with detour to avoid the China harassment, and AZ vaccines to support the people in need. Due to the shortage of vaccines, the Chinese media here keep emphasizing the importance of importing BNT vaccines with the point of Germany production rather than Shanghai representative.

How we survive

Most people do not pay attention to the media or politics, but we still vote when the election comes. Some overseas citizens even take planes with transfers from far away, just for one vote to express our identity and opinions to the public affairs. Some people choose to join China, which is easier with less pain, others choose to fight against it by joining the political party or sponsor the certain groups.

It is sadly to say that some locals are still supporting the Chinese whether out of fear or brainwashing. For those who were disappeared in China or disabled because of politics in Taiwan, it is a nightmare. Supporting Taiwan or ignoring China is deemed as disrespect to Chinese communist/Chinese, usually our people make friends with different backgrounds so we won’t piss off any ethnic groups. After all, the government is not fully dependable all the time.

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    I agree on brainwashing…


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      That’s true


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