New event on June 4th

When it comes to June 4th, it probably reminds people of Tiananmen Square protest outside of Chinese world. To most Taiwanese, we do not commemorate this tragic day like Hong Kong people did; though people in Hong Kong now are not allowed to do anything implied June 4th nor wear black T-shirt on the street.

The bond between Japan & Taiwan

On this day, Japan delivered 1.24 million AstraZeneca vaccines to Taiwan without any fee charged to our government, in order to return the flavor that Taiwanese donated to them in 2011 because of the earthquake. It was said that the donation among other countries in the world for Japanese earthquake, Taiwan stood out and even surpassed the U.S , which became the topic for TV program for a while even the Chinese commentator insisted the one China policy that it was China that donated the most to Japan. But it was a lie that everybody knew.

In the meanwhile, the American air scout followed the Japan airline to protect the delivery and warned China for potential threat. On June 3rd, the U.S government also announced the plan for donating vaccines to other countries, and Taiwan is included. So, we should appreciate its kind behavior and help each other.

To my surprise, many Japanese do not get vaccinated but they do not seem to feel depressed because of it, contrariwise, they support their government though they are suffering from the virus now. Our government replied their unselfish deed by quoting the line from Demon Slayer キメツの刃, “If we unite together and believe our partners, finally, the justice will definitely be served” 『仲間を信じて一致団結すれば、最後は必ず正義が勝つ』Hope the Chinese politician will not say anything inappropriate such as vaccines insufficiency, or send the funeral flowers to CDC by commentator in order to express his discontent.

” There is no such thing that without blood, there is no bond” 『血の繋がりがなければ薄っぺらだなんて、そんなことはない』So, Taiwanese and Japanese can still bind together with different backgrounds.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, the Demon Slayer is an animation that the team of trained warriors fought against all demons in Japan, to me, it is like a zombie but in very cute version.

Many citizens here left messages like” love you, Japan” or ” friendship forever” to show the thankfulness to Japanese. The tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101, lighted up these messages to show our appreciation; some Japanese shared images on their twitter as a reply for us.

The tropical storm has just arrived to Taiwan for few days, causing Taipei city to have floods in Xinyi area, but save us from drought. Hope the rains for next few days could save southern cities. Now we have vaccines for elders and medical staffs, without drought, life will be easier again. Thank for those of you who have helped the escort team this time in Japan, Taiwan and U.S ; otherwise, we cannot receive AstraZeneca so quickly.

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