The miracle that we long for


Taiwan is an island with diversified ethnic groups and dialects, though the official language is Mandarin now, the history and existence of this island have been ignored by this world for long time. The hostile posturing from China should be blamed of course, but the active engagement for global affairs and positive minds toward Taiwan should be educated for locals. Everyone has ideology, that’s fine, but if it hurts people so badly that we can not even survive, it should not be allowed in this country and should be ended. The most important thing for Taiwanese is unity. With so many different people and media channels with its own biases, it is hard to be neutral and have consensus; however, we should all overcome the difficulty if we want the island to be part of this world.


To most people in the world, Taiwan is probably known as one of the Greater Chinese areas, according to China’s doctrine. It maybe difficult for others to understand, because no other countries claim their sovereignty over a place without real power. The anti-Chinese sentiment can be traced back to 1949, when the Chinese army landed our island with brutal killing and stole everything from citizens, not to mention the following financial crisis and the Chinese education. From that moment, the gap between Taiwanese and Chinese became huge.

After 72 years of unwilling integration, few of Chinese descendants still want to reunify with communist China though we were taught to anti communism at the beginning of 1949. One of the celebrities in Taiwan recently posted on the Weibo and Instagram, saying “Tsai, we are all slaughtered” is criticized by most Taiwanese. This celebrity explained her reason as vaccines shortage is a way of slaughtering, both her Chinese husband from Beijing, and her are contained. While the current president of Taiwan happens to be Tsai Ing Wen, which might be the person that she referred to. So obviously, she is dare to announce some sensitive words to the public without lashing out any remarks to the great communist chairman, Xi. On the top of that, she just announced her divorce with her husband without revealing any information to her family, which might intentionally attracted attention from the people.

The real act to support Taiwanese from Japan

After vaccines delivery from Japan, the Councilors of Japan agreed to support Taiwan to join WHO as observation member with emphasis on rejecting Taiwan is a loss to the whole world. None of them showed any disagreement upon this issue, which matters a lot to us. Even in Taiwan, I have never seen such accordance in my life at our parliament, besides, the identity of some politicians is questioned.

The despair of majority

Taiwan maybe a temporary shelter for some outsiders, but for us, it is our homeland and most of our people hope this island can be more international and well known. For so many years, I have heard stories that how Taiwanese were punished or tricked by the Chinese force, whether its economic reliance on China, the relationship, or family ties with them. Some of us lost confidence and hope to our country based on one China scheme and the isolation from the globe, which harms us the most.

Nevertheless, I still think that the majority of Taiwanese should keep moving on and concern about national affairs especially the elites from top ranking universities. The more we do, the more Taiwan will be improved.

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