The Pizza street that I love

It is not difficult to find restaurants in Taipei city where people commute every day, either to their workplaces or schools. There are several pizza shops that I found on Bade Rd. Section 3, therefore, I call it the pizza street. To begin with this street, let’s take a look at the post office.

The post office

The Chunghwa post office is one of the distribution centers here, the postman will deliver all letters and packages to our home, so we do not have to drive to the mail office to pick our things. People can send their packages, letters or postcards at the post office, or you can just use the 24 hours automatic machine to arrange your packages to be delivered.

If you want to deliver your souvenirs to your home country, you can choose service from the post office to help your family receive gifts from Taiwan.

The National post office

The all you can shop street

It is surprisingly that all our needs can be supplied here on this street, from foods to daily life products. If you need to go to the drug store, find the sign with word of “藥” or ”薬”, so you can ask the pharmacist for help. Or you can search the clinic to help you.

Perng Yuh 芃諭名品 is one of Taiwanese brands for women to shop clothes, if you would like to try on local design, Perng Yuh could be your choice. Also, there are some salons that people go for shampooing their hair or have some stylish haircut on their date.

The pizza rock

This is my favorite pizza list, the Pizza Rock, offering various types of pizzas on the menu. People can order by the phone call, or get takeout from their store.

It costs me about $5.6 USD to have 8” pizza, which is a little bit expensive here, but it tastes really good with thin crust and heavy smoked hams as topping. For me, the pineapples are probably the main ingredients for this pizza, maybe it is our nature to love pineapples. In Taiwan, lots of fruits are delicious with juicy fluids as part of our main dishes; though some imported fruits are good, some tastes are local only.

The Hawaiian pizza

The shop for eyeglasses

If you need to change your eyeglasses or want to try some sun glasses, it is the right place for you to shop. Also, the next store for cell phone accessories is right there for you.

Temple and the bento

This is a local temple for followers to visit, if you would like to visit, just go inside the gate and you will see the small temple on your right side. If you don’t know how to pray at the temple, just bow to the god at first time, and say your name and wishes, finally bow again and leave. Remember your wishes, so be careful when you are praying, in case you will need to come and return your favor.

For those who wanna have local foods with few coins only, the bento seems to be a good start. Some local bentos are good, and some people tend to eat for almost everyday, for the reasons of balanced nutrition and the friendly prices. The bentos sold at rail stations (鐵路便當) are here for customers to try, the variety and tastes are different than other bento stores, sometimes the flavors are differed depend on the owner.

The vet clinic

If you have pets when you are in Taipei, either dogs or cats, you can take your partners to check their bodies if necessary. Also, some clinics for humans such as dental care, eye examination, or internal medicines are available on this road.

The telecommunications companies

For almost half of population in Taiwan, the Chunghwa Telecom is one of the popular companies here to support our communication either by internet or phone calls. T-Star is another company that some foreigners choose to apply for their phone numbers.

Formosa Chang: braised pork rice

If you are the first time traveler in Taipei, the Formosa Chang is highly recommended for you. The rice, soup, veggie and even the desserts there are worth to try.

The Jia Xin Bakery with the pink sign is closed to to the Formosa Chang, so you can try to take a look of our breads to see if you want to try for your breakfast.

Banco: the Italian restaurant

The package of Benco is very unique, with the map on the outside for customers to have a look of authentic foods in Italy. They do offer salads, spaghetti, and other side dishes on the menu.

The Margherita is the most famous and genuine pizza for Italy and other side of world, as far as I am concerned. It costs me only $4.6 USD, and it tastes really great.

The Margherita

The mesona drink

The Mesona tea is one of common drinks in Taiwan, where you can find in almost many places with 1~2 USD. It looks like black tea without caffeine, and it is believed that it can quench our thirst at summer time. In the past ancient time, some people even believed its medical healing.

Atayal people here call it Supurekku, whereas Payuan people name it Ryarikan, basically it is the same herbal medicine/ drink.

This store was originated from Wanhua area, the most Taiwanese area yet the Chinese infiltration headquarter is located, where Covid 19 is raging severely without mercy. However, this store also opens its branch store on Bade Street, so I did have chance of trying. For the topping, there are creams, tapioca balls, jelly or ice.

For other pizza stores, there is Napoli on this street for visitors to order. People can order online from Domino’s pizza or Pizza Hut as well. If you would like to stay at this area, there is a United Hotel around the Bade Street, where you can stay overnight and continue your journey for the next few days. Hope these information do provide some support for you in the near future.

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