The seven wonders of Taiwan


Taiwan is an island where people may not be able to point out its location on the map, nor remind of anything when people first heard about its name. People who do not support the nationalism and simply want to stay in another world with some degree of modernization are suitable to visit Taiwan. Here are few strange things that I would like to introduce to my friends.

The whole package people

I know some people get the whole package, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has the same standard. Some people want to be a rich guy with fancy mansions, get married with the celebrity, or go abroad whether to immigrate or study. It was said that the perfect pattern for students was entering into the top university, and studying abroad in the U. S. afterward few decades ago. Even until now, some people are still crazy about immigrating to America to seek for their new lives and root there. Though some people come back with their generations after few decades, it is still quite charming for others whether they are Chinese or Taiwanese to visit there.

Job title: Politicos

It is surprisingly and resentfully to find out that some of politicians here are with more than one identity, which may be difficult to understand for other countries and makes me feel like being a Taiwanese is such a damn thing.

One of the biggest opposition parities in Taiwan, the KMT party, which was born in China but has been staying in Taiwan for more than half century, slamming the current democratic party over accepting vaccines from Japan and other foreign made vaccines but getting injections for AstraZeneca with privilege.

Paradise for foreign residents

Some locals here seem to be delighted to meet with foreigners, if they are from Europe, Japan or U.S. It makes some people feel like connecting with the world, though they don’t know how to speak their languages. Some other countries may deem foreigners as invaders, but in Taiwan, you won’t feel in that way under the normal circumstance.

If you are interested in early history of Taipei, search ” The Magician on the Skywalk” for more details. The movie was based on the Chinese mall, which was built in 1960s but dismantled in 1992. According to some political victims, the Chinese mall was the only image that they could remind of when they were in custody by the KMT party by that time.


Fraud organizations

Since decade ago, many fraud organizations were popping up and started to steal people’s money by making stories of their own family such as kidnaping or bank account transfer. If the phone receiving parties do not have any child, they are lucky because they could tell the truth immediately.

The most controversial organization could be Taiwan civil government, which announced the unification with Japan but currently under occupation of United States of America. This organization has their own army, according to their declaration, but basically just guns. Though their cause was good, built for locals and support ourselves; many conflicts were inside the organization whether its financial problem or embezzlement by their own staffs.

台灣民政府官網 (
TCG 台灣民政府 Taiwan Civil Government (

MIT, made in Taiwan

Ever since the economic boom in China, there were many Chinese products selling in Taiwan with its cheap price and poor quality. Few people were aware of their influences, many local manufacturing companies started to design their products with high quality and price to attract different customers who prefer having quality over price. Although some unworthy businessmen would blend the Chinese products with MIT labels, so they could earn more money while risking the goodwill in the long term.

Many giant corporations are leaving China now, which means that there will be more spaces for our local manufacturing plants to develop and compete with more reasonable market. During the first 1980s, the MIT products were bad from the perspective of westerners, but after few decades of improvement, the MIT products become our national pride. Wish one day that MIT label will be equal to Japan quality.

Endless Chinese shadows

Except official government being mistreated and oppressed by China, in our daily life, people struggle to live on their own especially for those who are overseas. Our government cannot help us in many aspects, both physical and mental symbol. The physical symbol could be Chinese monuments, and the mental attribute could be abused by Chinese authority including the missing Taiwan citizen in China.

In recent years, China has been trying to expand its influence over other countries and Africa is one of the symbolic areas. The Chinese government offered the financial support with their technique of buildings, which may be the bait for the target country to become Chinese territory in the near future.

Invoice prize winning numbers

The invoice winning numbers redeem in each two months, people can find out their all invoices to check if they win the money. If so, they can go to convenience stores to exchange for money or banks when the amount is over thousand dollars.

I know these seven wonders are not perfect for others, if there are some things that are peculiar to you, just leave comments and I will answer for you. Thanks for your time.

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