The job market


The workplace environment in Taiwan may be a little bit different than other countries, including the culture and the ethic problems. Most young people find their job through online job banks such as 104, 1111 or yes 123. These are the common ways that people search for their opportunities, and some may use newspapers to find their future job in a traditional way. Normally, companies here are family owned with less talents than big foreign corporations, and they will find their employees by themselves rather than interview the recommended candidate by agent first. By doing so can save a lot of time for both parties, but lack of information for potential employees.

104 human resource management

104 human resource is one of the online job banks that most people use nowadays, people who are employers or employees can register the account and find the ideal candidate. The format is fixed for resume, but people can upload their works to make profile look outstanding. Some companies want to interview the candidate with some degree of English level, so some potential employees would enclose their English introduction to make it appealing to the companies that they submit the resume.

They provide offices in Taipei, Taichung, and Shanghai, China, so people who have questions regarding the interview or potential companies can leave messages to them.

104 main page

1111 job bank, for global Chinese

1111 is another popular job bank for both companies and employees. For corporate side, they just need to pay for the yearly fee, and the job bank will post all the vacant positions for companies. This applies to any job bank here. Each job bank provides their resume setting, so people just need to input their data and the resume will come out. Their office locations are in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung to provide service for job seekers.

1111 main page

Workplace culture

Although most guys earn more than women for the same job, women here are treated equally compared with other Asian countries. Some companies offer refreshments as part of their welfare, which is awesome for those who like to enjoy tea time without spending their own money. Some corporations allow employees to order their own drinks, but pay by the workers themselves. As for the workplace bullying, it happens all the time, all the place in this country. The reasons could be appreciation from your boss, which angers your colleagues; political stance, or relationship problem.

Recently, the Ministry of Labor has forbad all the online job banks to post vacancies for China area, preventing Chinese government to steal talents from our country and disconnect the money laundering between two areas.

Jobs for foreigners

Some native English speakers choose to become the teacher here, so they can support the basic life spending. Some companies post their job vacancy through Google or LinkedIn, for any candidates to apply for. Or you could work for yourself by posting videos on YouTube, create your own channel for your audiences; open the restaurant here is the most popular option that I often see on the street. So, good luck for each of you who stays in Taiwan.

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