Tokyo Olympics II: Taiwan team=Chinese Taipei


Every day is the exciting day for us under the current Olympics, people watch television or live shows to see if players could win the gold medal for themselves. By far, the medals went to Taiwan were 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

The best record ever: Kuo, Hsing-Chun =Tana

Ms. Kuo is the A-mei native Taiwanese who was born in Taitung, east cost of Taiwan. Ms. Kuo won several medals in other games as the weight lifter. This time, she won the gold medal for herself in the women’s 59 kg event. She lifted 103 kilograms in the snatch, and 133 kilograms in the clean and jerk with total of 236 kilograms. Ms. Kuo broke the Olympic record and won the first gold medal for Taiwan as well.
The current sports flag for Taiwan.

The most competitive table tennis: Lin Yun-Ju

Lin Yun-Ju is the youngest talent in the team of table tennis, though he was defeated by the China player, FAN Zhendong, who is the number one table tennis player in the world, with the score of 3:4 by 7 rounds; the persistence that he showed and the skills that he exerted were the best among others. People who have ever watched his game admitted that he will be the potential winner for the next worldwide event.

People in Taiwan are all cheerful for him, and we are waiting for his good news tomorrow.

All payers are doing their best for both themselves and the country, so let’s just stay positive and support our teams whether they won the gold, silver or bronze.

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