Tokyo Olympics III: Taiwan team

After almost two weeks of Olympics, many Taiwanese athletes have come back home either celebrate their success in sports or take break for a while. Some people won the medal while some lost the game, no matter what happened to them, how fiercely the game they have combated with, we all are grateful for their hard work at Olympic Games. We have won 2 gold, 4 silver, and 6 bronze medals with No.29 world ranking in the end thanks to these people.

The best performance ever: Badminton doubles in men

Many Taiwanese citizens were watching the game while Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin playing the badminton fiercely with their biggest opponent, the Chinese team, with 2 straight wins and the gold metal for Taiwan finally.

The image of their last point was even transformed into different icons for lots of locals, and some manufacturers produce face masks, T-shirt, and credit cards with the pattern of court 1 in, for celebrating such joy in our history. This is the first time that Chinese athletes needed to hear our national anthem and watched our flag at the Olympic Games, though some Taiwanese dislike this flag and question its representation for Taiwan. We were all satisfied for this moment. Some people suggested that it should be the pattern of our new national flag, since everyone is crazy about it.

The last point: In

Taiwan team beat China by this critical point.

Merch. for them

The credit card.
Face mask,
The new flag design
Congrats from Kyle Bass.
Congrats from Rep. Don Bacon

The most respectable badminton queen: Tai Tzu Ying

Ms. Tai is one of the outstanding athletes in badminton with the best point record, she once gave up the chance of being the top badminton athlete in the world just for playing at the Summer Universiade in Taipei in 2017. Being the top one in the world is not her lifetime goal, though she likes sports, making Taiwan to be seen is meaningful to her based on her previous statement.

She was trained by the coach with local sponsors, while young students were studying at the classroom, she was practicing her skills in order to compete with others around the globe. Despite the fact that she won the silver medal this time only, the most treasurable thing is that she won the hearts of many Taiwanese. Under the pressure of each citizen from Taiwan, with hopes that she might win the gold medal for us; I am sure that she is the person that felt the most painful, frustrating, and tiresome after losing the game to the Chinese athlete.

Everyone fails, but the most important achievement is that she made Taiwan to be seen and heard, which is hard to deny. When these athletes were on the planes on their way home, the Mirage 2000 was around them to show the heroic welcome.

Tai Tzu Ying,

A friendly sports environment

Hope Ms. Tai will not give up or feel sorry anymore. There are still many chances of winning the gold medal in the future, even it means that she might suffer lots of challenges again. If more and more sponsors such as banks, giant corporations would like to support our athletes in the near future, we could expect new and young talents winning for medals. The reformed sports committee, new sponsors, and citizens should all change their minds toward sports and support our team, therefore, winning lots of gold medals is in sight.

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