The identity issue raised again after Afghan refugees

After watching news from different TV channels about Afghan refugees, the identity issue was raised again in Taiwan. For those who haven’t known Taiwanese history, the 1949 was the year that Taiwan received more than 500,000 Chinese army, basically KMT soldiers who retreated from China because of Chinese civil war and defeated by Communist Party. The Afghan refugees remind of our people about the time that Chinese soldiers or refugees landed our island with the following brutal killing and 72 years ruling until now. However, the KMT(Kuomintang, Chinese Nationalist party) politician, Zhu Li-Lun, who is trying to run the chairman of party, speaking to the public that without the KMT party in 1949 there is no Taiwan now; which is hilarious and not true at all. Zhu’s statement caused a lot of discontent from the public and some locals blasted out his attitude and the ungrateful thought.

1949 when KMT party was preparing to run away from China.

The Afghan refugees in 2021

The Chinese media started to spread the concept of abandoning Taiwan or U.S is not countable, and the KMT politicians also cooperate with them to make a fuss over the Afghanistan issue. Thanks to the previous interview by ABC news, president Biden has stated that Taiwan, Korea and NATO are different situations in a response of Chinese media.

The anchorman and political commentator of TVBS, one of the pro-Chinese media.
photo credit:
Zhu, Li-Lun, KMT politician who is running to win the chairman.
photo credit: wikipedia

Biden mentioned that Taiwan is in different situation from Afghanistan

Formosa News, one of few local media.

Human rights

In my opinion, the human rights in Taiwan was not in a good record, especially for those who have lost families because of KMT persecution. There are white terror memorial parks situated in both Jing-Mei district and Green Island, for Taiwanese to memorize the history and set a model for our next generation.

The first Taiwanese political party in recent history

Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP) was the first local party formed by both Taiwanese and Chinese(KMT) , though members are mainly Taiwanese, few Chinese joined the party to fight against KMT in the first place. Now many other local parties start to run the election, in order to win the power and seat at the parliament.

After the CCP starting to expand its influence to other free world, the DPP began the target for both CCP and the KMT party in Taiwan, making DPP into dilemmas in many aspects of issues. The KMT party was supposed to resist CCP due to its history background and KMT prosecuted locals who had connections with Chinese in the beginning, but now they work together to frame Taiwanese/ DPP supporters.

Officially there wasn’t any organization or representative for locals, whereas the DPP is the only political group that can reform the system within the ROC ( Republic of China) structure, and that is probably the main reason that CCP wants to target it, even though other small size parties are joining the government.

Taiwanese identity

It is a little bit difficult to express our identity and the history of Taiwan could be told in a different way due to the political party which is in charging, but if people want to ask from us, most locals consider ourselves as Taiwanese. Fewer people now or maybe 10% of the population still maintain their identity as Chinese due to KMT ruling and brainwashing. So, people would say “without 1949 of Taiwan, there is no KMT party now”.

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